People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Obligation to acknowledge Margaret, the Maid of Norway, as legitimate heir of Alexander III

Type of Transaction
From Source
4/42/5 (Foedera, i, II, 638)
Firm date
5 February 1284
Dating Notes
5th day of February, AD 1283, regnal year 35
Corroboration / sealing

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Addressor Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan (d.1289) Alexander Cumyn' Alexander Cumin, earl of Buchan, justiciar of Scotia 1237 × 1289
Addressor Patrick (III), earl of Dunbar (d.1289) Patricius Patrick, earl of Dunbar 1247 × 1286
Addressor Malise (III), earl of Strathearn ( or a.1317) Mallisius Malise, earl of Strathearn 1258 × 1313
Addressor Malcolm (I), earl of Lennox Malcolmus Malcolm, earl of Lennox 1272 × 1296
Addressor Robert Bruce VI, earl of Carrick (d.1304) Rob' de Brus' Robert de Brus, earl of Carrick 1274 × 1298
Addressor Donald, earl of Mar (d.1297×1305) Donenaldus Donald, earl of Mar 1268 × 1297
Addressor Gilbert de Umfraville, earl of Angus (d.1307) Gilbertus Gilbert, earl of Angus 1270 × 1296
Addressor Walter Stewart, earl of Menteith (d.c.1293) Walterus Walter, earl of Menteith 1248 × 1292
Addressor William (II), earl of Ross (d.1323) Willielmus William, earl of Ross 1278 × 1321
Addressor William (II), earl of Sutherland (d.1306/7) Willielmus William, earl of Sutherland 1269 × 1296
Addressor Magnus (IV), earl of Caithness and Orkney (d.1284) Magnus Magnus, earl of Orkney 1284 × 1284
Addressor Duncan (III), earl of Fife (d.1289) Duncanus Duncan, earl of Fife 1281 × 1289
Addressor John of Strathbogie, earl of Atholl (d.1306) Johannes John, earl of Atholl 1284 × 1305
Addressor Robert Bruce V, lord of Annandale (d.1295) Robertus de Brus Pr' Robert de Brus père, knight 1237 × 1294
Addressor James Stewart (d.1309) Jacobus James, Steward of Scotland, knight 1276 × 1309
Addressor John Balliol, king of Scots (d.1314) Johannes de Balliolo John de Balliol, knight 1284 × 1302
Addressor John Comyn, lord of Badenoch (d.1302) Johannes Cumyn John Cumin, knight 1271 × 1296
Addressor William Soulis, knight, justiciar of Lothian (d.1292/3) Willielmus de Soulys William de Soules, then justiciar of Lothian, knight 1277 × 1292
Addressor Ingram de Guines, knight Ingeramus de Gynis Ingram de Guines, knight 1275 × 1298
Addressor William Murray, son of Malcolm Murray, knight (TRA3) Willielmus de Moravia filius William of Moray, son, knight 1279 × 1298
Addressor Walter Murray, knight (TRA3) Walterus de Moravia Walter of Moray, knight 1253 × 1284
Addressor Alexander Balliol of Cavers (d.c.1311) Alexander de [...]liolo Alexander de Balliol, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1268 × 1299
Addressor Reginald Cheyne, father (d.c.1293) Reginaldus le Chen Pr' Reginald le Chen père, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1255 × 1290
Addressor William Sinclair (d.1299×1303) Willielmus de Sancto Claro William de St Clare, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1261 × 1292
Addressor Richard Siward, elder, lord of Kellie (d.a.1311) Ricardus Syward Richard Siward, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1266 × 1308
Addressor William of Brechin, knight Willielmus de Brechyn William of Brechin, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1234 × 1286
Addressor Nicholas Hay (I), lord of Errol (son of Gilbert) (d.1305/6) Nicholaus de Haya Nicholas de la Haye, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1263 × 1305
Addressor Henry Graham (TRA3) Henricus de Graham Henry of Graham, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1245 × 1284
Addressor Ingram Balliol (d.1299) Ingeramus de Balliolo Ingram de Balliol, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1284 × 1290
Addressor Alan fitz Count [i.e. son of the earl] Alanus filius comitis Alan son of the earl (fitz Count), baron of kingdom of Scotland 1284 × 1284
Addressor Reginald Cheyne, younger, lord of Duffus Reginaldus le Chen filius Reginald le Chen fils, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1269 × 1308
Addressor John Lindsay, knight J [..] de Lindesey J[ohn] of Lindsey, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1241 × 1296
Addressor Patrick Graham (I), knight (d.1296) Patricius de [...]raham Patrick of Graham, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1266 × 1296
Addressor Herbert Maxwell, son of Aymer Maxwell [...]tus de Maciswell [Herbert] of Maxwell, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1268 × 1296
Addressor Simon Fraser (III) (d.1291×92) Simon Fraser Simon Fraser, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1263 × 1291
Addressor Alexander of Argyll Alexander de Orgadia Alexander of Argyll, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1284 × 1309
Addressor Angus, son of Donald of the Isles, lord of Islay (d. ca 1293) Anegus filius Douenaldi Angus son of Donald, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1232 × 1292
Addressor Alan mac Ruaidrí (MacRuairi) of Garmoran Alanus filius Rotherici Alan son of Ruairi, baron of kingdom of Scotland 1284 × 1284
named person (transaction) Alexander, son of King Alexander III (d.1284) Alexander primogenitus filius [...] Alexandri our lord, Alexander, eldest son of Alexander 1279 × 1282
named person (transaction) Margaret, granddaughter of Alexander III (d.1290) Margaretam filiam filiae dicti domini nostri Regis Margaret daughter of the daughter of their lord the king 1288 × 1288
named person (transaction) Alexander III, king of Scots (d.1286) dominum Regem lord king 1245 × 1285
named person (transaction) William Fraser, bishop of St Andrews (d.1297) episcoporum Sancti Andreae bishop of St Andrews 1271 × 1296
named person (transaction) Robert Wishart, bishop of Glasgow (d.1316) Glasguen' bishop of Glasgow 1271 × 1312
named person (transaction) William, bishop of Dunkeld (d.1285×88) Dunkelden' bishop of Dunkeld 1283 × 1285
named person (transaction) Henry Cheyne, bishop of Aberdeen (d.1328×29) Abirden' bishop of Aberdeen 1277 × 1323
named person (transaction) Archibald, bishop of Moray (d.1298) Moravien' bishop of Moray 1249 × 1297
named person (transaction) William Comyn/Kilconcath, bishop of Brechin (d.a.1296/97) Breth' bishop of Brechin 1276 × 1290
named person (transaction) Henry, bishop of Whithorn (d.1293) Galwathien' bishop of Galloway 1254 × 1290
named person (transaction) William, bishop of Dunblane (d.1291×) Dunblan' bishop of Dunblane 1276 × 1292
named person (transaction) Alan de St Edmund, bishop of Caithness (d.1291) Catan' bishop of Caithness 1282 × 1291