People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

William Comyn/Kilconcath, bishop of Brechin (d.a.1296/97)

Watt and Murray, Fasti, 54: William appears as 'of Kilconcath' when he succeeded Albin as bishop of Brechin, according to the Chronicle of Melrose, and appears as 'Comyn' when he was elected after the death of bishop-elect William (1269×1275). He was given a papal mandate for his consecration on 24 May 1275 and was consecrated before 29 April 1276. He occurs in June 1291 and died before January 1296 or 1297. Watt, Graduates, 107: He was said to be of legitimate birth, and his Kilconcath surname is derived from Kilconquhar (FIF). He is identified with the Master William in 1266/67, brother of Adam of Kilconquhar (d. 1270), who married Marjorie, countess of Carrick. The alternate surname suggests that he and Adam were sons of Duncan of Kilconquhar by a Comyn wife. He was master by February 1267 and a friar preacher, serving in Perth until his election as bishop of Brechin, and had some rights to the church of Kilconquhar. He occurs as Master William Comyn in the _familia_ of Bishop Gamelin of St Andrews, 1255×71, prob. late 1260s.
1276 × 1290
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William Comyn/Kilconcath, bishop of Brechin (d.a.1296/97)
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Date Short Summary Role Witnesses Source
unavailable Appointment of canons to choose bishop of Brechin Appointee 2/147/23 (Theiner, no. 262)
29 Apr. 1276 Inspection of indulgence of Pope Innocent IV Addressor 2/3/36 (St A. Lib., 111-12)
18 Aug. 1276 Request for credence named person (transaction) 1/8/95 (RRS, iv, no. 99)
Dec. 1281 Confirmation of customs concerning succession of kingdom of Scotland Addressor 4/42/4 (Stones and Simpson, ii, 189-90)
Dec. 1281 *Confirmation of succession of Scottish throne and customs of Scotland Consentor 1/8/129 (RRS, iv, no. 133)
5 Feb. 1284 Obligation to acknowledge Margaret, the Maid of Norway, as legitimate heir of Alexander III named person (transaction) 4/42/5 (Foedera, i, II, 638)
16 Aug. 1286 Indulgence of 40 days Grantor 2/3/37 (Durh. Rites, App. 6, no. 40)
1288 Request to intercede in business with the pope named person (transaction) 3/42/8 (Stevenson, Docs., i, no. 49)
2 Dec. 1289 Concession of power to dispose of personal property Beneficiary 2/154/13 (Theiner, no. 325)
Tuesday 14 Mar. 1290 Confirmation of the Treaty of Salisbury Grantor 1/50/32 (Stevenson, Docs., i, no. 92)
Friday 17 Mar. 1290 Request that King Edward certify to the Guardians that a papal dispensation has been granted for marriage between Prince Edward and Lady Margaret Addressor 1/50/33 (Foedera, i, II, 730)
26 Jan. 1296 Appointment to see of Brechin named person (transaction) 2/156/3 (Theiner, no. 350)