People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/37/12 (Lind. Lib., no. 10)

Memorandum recording the resolution of certain disputes which arose between the abbot and convent of Lindores on the one hand, and the men of Newburgh on the other, in the presence of Sir Robert of Keith, marischal of Scotland, and justiciar from the River Forth all the way to the mountains of Scotland, and many other worthy [men] in the chapter of Lindores. At this time, the men of Newburgh asked Sir Robert for the infeftment of their rights in Newburgh and showed him the reason that they were lessening the ferme of the abbot and convent of Lindores during the [preceeding] five years. Robert of Perth and William, the miller, in the name of all the inhabitants of the Newburgh, and by the unanimous consent of the two, they stated that they had no infeftment from the abbot and convent of Lindores, nor any other belongings, [and that] they did not used to render that ferme which the abbot and convent extract from them, viz. one mark per annum from each brewery of Newburgh with one acre of land, nor did they wish to render it in the future, unless it should be discovered, by a faithful and diligent inquisition, that the abbot and convent used to receive the marks from the brewery and acre of land. At this, an inquisition was then made [and] the men of Newburgh presented people to testify that would be agreed upon by the abbot and convent and Sir Robert of Keith. Then, by the mandate of the lord justiciar, and after excusing certain barons and other faithful men of Fife, as much from the villa, as from other places, Sir Robert of Keith asked men from Newburgh who wished to participate in the inquisition to come forward, and these are the men that did: John of Balfour, Thomas the judex, Aed of Kinross, Michael Scot, Adam of Ramsey, Walter the steward, Malcolm of Balmeharg, Geoffrey of Farsley, Patrick of Crambeth, William the cock, Patrick Scot, Alan mair of Stradingloch, Maurice Scall, Patrick Fairhair, Nicholas son of Roger, William Syarpe, and John son of Nicholas. Robert wished to expel others for certain cause others, [and] they (i.e. Robert and the monks) approved the people standing, except Adam Gray, who was not able to stand at the inquisition because he was a servant of the abbot and convent, and frequently stood in their service, and he was refuted for that reason. Thereafter, the individuals standing said under a true oath said that from that time present memory the abbot and convent of Lindores annually received from each brewery with one acre of land in Newburgh (FIF), one mark per year, until the time that they are now in when they lessened the said ferme for the previous five years. All this was recited and read through the next day in the chapter of Lindores in the presence of Lord William, bishop of St Andrews, Thomas Randolph, lord of the valley of Keith and lieutenant of Scotland from the Forth to Orkney, Lord Bernard, chancellor of Scotland, Master William of Eaglesham, official of the court of St Andrews, Sir Michael of Wemyss, the knight, and John of Denmuir.
Firm date
Friday 20 February 1310
Dating Notes
Friday nearest before the feast of blessed Peter in cathedra (22 Feb.) in the year of grace 1309
Place date (modern)
Lindores Abbey (chapterhouse)
Place date (document)
capitulo de Lundoris
Related Place
Lindores Abbey
Source for Data Entry
Lindores Liber, no. 10
Trad. ID
Lind. Lib., no. 10
Calendar number
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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Command for men of Newburgh to come forward to participate in an inquisition no
Friday 20 Feb. 1310 Agreement between Lindores Abbey and the men of Newburgh (FIF) yes
Friday 20 Feb. 1310 * Inquest concerning case between Lindores Abbey and Newburgh yes