People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Place: SUT (Sutherland) >> Ferincoskry

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Donation of land of Skelbo (SUT) and Ferincoskry (SUT), land of Sutherland towards west lying between these lands and marches of Ross no
unavailable Donation of land in Sutherland no
unavailable Gift of Skelbo and Ferincoskry (SUT) and land towards marches of Ross no
unavailable Gift of Skelbo, Ferincoskry and Invershin (SUT) no
unavailable Grant of lands and tenements in Dingwall (ROS) and Ferincoskry (SUT) no
1203 X 29 Apr. 1214 Gift of Skelbo in Sutherland (SUT), Ferincoskry (SUT) Inuershin (SUT), and land of Sutherland towards west yes Alexander of Elgin; Andrew, son of William (I) Freskin; Archibald of Duffus; Augustine of Elgin/ Moray; Freskin Douglas, dean of Moray (d.1226); Hugh Douglas, archdeacon of Moray (fl.1225-27); John Black, clerk of Bishop Andrew of Moray; Reginald, janitor (SUT); Richard Murray, brother of Gilbert, bishop of Caithness; Robert, chamberlain (SUT); Thomas, son of Augustine; Walter Murdoch; Waltheof of Garioch; William, son of William, son of Freskin (William II Freskin aka Murray (d.1226))
5 Aug. 1321 Gift of Dingwall (ROS) with castle and burgh, and Ferincoskry (SUT) yes Bernard, abbot of Arbroath, chancellor; Edward of Keith, knight (d. 1346); Gilbert Hay (II), lord of Errol, constable (d.1333); Nicholas Hay (III), son of Gilbert Hay (II); William (III) de Munfichet (Muschet), knight; William Oliphant of Dupplin and Aberdalgie, knight (d.1329)