People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/132/10 (Scotia Pontificia, no. 114)

Pope Lucius III writes to Osbert, abbot of Kelso, and the brethren there, and following the example of Popes Innocent, Adrian and Alexander, takes the church of Kelso, which exists specially under the jurisdiction of St Peter, into his protection; all the possessions and goods which they have or may acquire by papal permission, by the liberality of kings or the gifts of the faithful, may remain with the abbot and his successors, including: the villa of Kelso, Redden (ROX), Bowden (ROX), Midlem (ROX), Whitmuir (ROX), Selkirk (SLK), Whitlaw (ROX), Traverlen (Duddingston, MLO), five dwellings in Roxburgh; in the bishopric of Glasgow the churches and schools of Roxburgh free from all rents, sinodals and corrody, as Herbert, late bishop of Glasgow, granted; the parish [of Roxburgh], as it was in the time of King David, late king of Scots and Bishop John; the church of Sprouston (ROX), Maxwell (ROX), the chapel of St Thomas the Martyr of Harlaw (ROX), the churches of Mow (ROX), Bowden, Selkirk, Selkirk Regis, Innerleithen (PEB), West Linton (PEB), Dunsyre (LAN), Wiston (LAN), Cambusnethan (LAN), the church and cell of St Machutus of Lesmahagow, the church of Dumfries (DMF) with the parish within and without the burgh, the church of the villa of Simon Lockhart (Symington, LAN), the church of St Maurin (Kilmaurs, AYR), the churches of Staplegordon (DMF), Morton (DMF), Trailflat (DMF), Dumgree (DMF); in the bishopric of St Andrews the churches of Makerstoun (ROX), Home (BWK), Gordon (BWK), Fogo (BWK), Greenlaw (BWK) with its chapels, Lamberton (BWK), Halliburton (BWK), Langton (BWK), Simprim (BWK), Horndean (BWK), Keith (Humbie, ELO), 20s. yearly in the chapel of Keith-Marischal (ELO), the church of Mid Calder (MLO), with lands, teinds and all pertinents, the church of Kirknewton in Glendale (Northumb.) with pertinents; in Roxburgh, 20s. annually from the customs of the same burgh and 20 chalder between flour and crops; in Ednam (ROX), 12 chalders of malt yearly and one oxgang of land; in Sprouston, one ploughgate of land, with dwellings belinging to it with an orchard and a croft with common easements in pastures and turbaries of Redden and Sprouston; two oxgangs and 10 acres of land with 3 acres of meadow; in Hadden (ROX), one ploughgate of land; in Mow, two oxgangs of land with meadow and common pasture and easements; in Berwick, one ploughgate of land with dwellings and tofts, one dwelling in the burgh and 20s. annually from the customs of the same burgh; a seventh part of the mills, and land that belonged to Dodin and Waltheof, son of Arnabol, in the same burgh with half of one fishery called Berwickstream and from the other part of the river, one fishery called Woodhornstell; in Lammermuir (BWK), certain shielings of Spartleton from the donation of Earl C[ospatric]; certain others from the donation of W[illiam] de Vieuxpont in Stobswood and Dirrington; in the territory of Lilliesleaf, 30 acres of land and the teinds of the mill there; in the Carse one saltpan; in Renfrew, one toft, one ship and the fishing of one net; the lands, tofts and rents which Kelso has in Roxburgh, Berwick, Jedburgh, Lanark, Edinburgh, Haddington and Peebles, and elsewhere; the teinds of animals, pigs and cheese of the king’s cain of four tallies [cadrez] from Galloway, which King David held during the life of King Alexander; the teinds of deer hides, half the animal hides and skins of sheep and lambs, and oil and tallow in Clydesdale, Tweeddale, Teviotdale from the king’s curia; from the gift of Hugh de Morville, the fisheries held between Makerston and Roxburgh with the land held in Makerston and Colpenhope (ROX) and elsewhere, as the donor’s charter testifies. The abbey is exempt from tithes on new lands brought under cultivation by them or at their expense. They are also exempt from tithes on the offspring of their animals. They are permitted to take in whatever clerics or laymen have fled from the secular world and have converted freely, and to retain them without any contradiction. None of the brothers, after making their profession, shall be permitted to depart the cloister without the permission of the abbot; no one may intend to depart without the surety of common letters; he permits the right to celebrate divine office privately and quietly during a general interdict. In the parish churches, he is permitted to elect clerics or priests and present [them] to the bishop; if they are suitable, the bishop may commit cure of souls to them so that they may answer for spiritual and temporal dues. He also indulges the privilege of anointment, holy oil, dedications of the altar or basilica, benedictions of the abbots, ordinations of the clerics or monks, and all other ecclesiastical sacraments, preferred from any bishop in the kingdom of the Scots who is in communion with the apostolic see. The pope decrees that burial, for those who shall decide to be buried in that place, will be unimpeded, except for those excommunicated or under interdict, saving justice to the church where they are buried. At the death of the prior, they may elect a successor. He establishes the liberties and immunities granted by David and Malcolm, former kings of Scots, Robert, Arnold and Richard, bishop of St Andrews, and Herbert and Engelram, bishops of Glasgow, to be free from all subjection and exactions. He forbids any archbishop, bishop, or other prelate of churches from promulgating a sentence of excommunication, suspension, or interdict against anyone from Kelso’s community, that sentence has no force. No one is permitted to construct a cemetery or oratory within the boundaries of the parishes of the churches, or enclosed wasteland, without the assent of the monastery and canons, saving the privileges of the papacy. No one shall impose new exactions or customs of the churches or chapels which is not owed. Within the cloisters of the monastery, no one may commit arson or theft, robbery, or seize or murder men.
Firm date
25 March 1182
Dating Notes
8 kal. Apr., 1182, pontifical year 1
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Scotia Pontificia, no. 114
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Scotia Pontificia, no. 114
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Papal privilege: general confirmation
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NAS, CH 7/3

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Date Short Summary Subject Object
25 Mar. 1182 Son of Arnabol (father of Waltheof) (Familial relationship) Waltheof, son of Arnabol Arnabol (father of Waldef)

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
25 Mar. 1182 Land of Dodin Dodin of Duddingston
25 Mar. 1182 Land of Waltheof son of Arnabol Waltheof, son of Arnabol