People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Saint Leonard

1164 × 1267
Grantor Beneficiary relationships
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Date Short Summary Role Witnesses Source
12 May 1161 X circa 1164 Gift of ploughgate and toft in Troqueer (KCB) Beneficiary Christian, bishop of Whithorn (d.1186); Everard, abbot of Holm Cultram (d.1192); Gilla Chad; Gilla Muire; Hubert de Vaux (d.1164); Peter de Tilliol (12C); Ralph, clerk of Carlisle; Ralph, son of Richard; Richard de Cheney ; Richard de Heriz (12C); Richard of York; Richard, son of Truite; Robert Dunbredan ; Robert, archdeacon of Carlisle; Robert, archdeacon of Whithorn; Robert, clerk of York; Robert, prior of Holm Cultram; Robert, son of Truite; Roland (Lachlan), lord of Galloway (d.1200); Simon, brother of Ralph the clerk; Udard of Hoddam, knight (d.1212); William de Briscou; William de Lacressuner ; William, cellarer 3/28/2 (Edgar, Dumfries, no. 3)
1175 X 1190 Gift of land of Hospital of Lauder and Pilmuir (BWK) Beneficiary Alan of Thirlestane (son of Aelsi); Avice of Lancaster, wife of Richard de Moreville (d.1191); Clement, chaplain of Richard de Moreville; Henry Sinclair (early 13C); Herbert, clerk (Moreville); Peter de Haig (12C); Thomas, clerk of Morland (Moreville); Thomas, master, physician (fl.1144-1178×89); William de Moreville (d.1196) 3/416/12 (Dryb. Lib., App., no. 1)
1218 X Aug. 1222 Renewal of ploughgate and toft in Troqueer (KCB) Beneficiary Adam Ovid, master (fl.1203-33); Durand, official of Whithorn; Elias, abbot of Tongland; Geoffrey, abbot of Dundrennan (d.1222); Gervase de Somerville, master; John, archdeacon of Whithorn (fl.1161×86, 1200×09-1222); Martin, clerk/persona of Kirkcudbright; Matthew, dean of Desnes ; Richard, persona of Colvend; Thomas of Kent, clerk of Alan of Galloway; Thomas, clerk of Troqueer; Thomas, master (Galloway); Walter, bishop of Whithorn (d.1235) 3/28/27 (CChR, iii, 92)
18 May 1267 X 29 Apr. 1271 Obligation concerning half ploughgate of land and 2 1/2 marks from Leadburn (MLO) Beneficiary A., chaplain of Tartraven; Adam of Tyninghame, vicar, official of archdeacon of Lothian; David, brother of Gregory Melville; Gamelin, bishop of St Andrews (d.1271); J., vicar of Linlithgow; Robert Wishart, bishop of Glasgow (d.1316); Thomas of Haddington, brother of Gregory Melville; William Melville, son of Gregory, lord of Tartraven (d.1298) 3/384/9 (St A. Lib., 376-7)