People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

céli Dé of St Andrews

1162 × 1253
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St Andrews
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Date Short Summary Role Witnesses Source
unavailable Agreement made over Strathkinness and Lambieletham Party 2 1/5/50 (RRS, i, no. 173)
unavailable Gift of Robert, bishop of St Andrews named person (transaction) 2/131/11 (St A. Lib., 53-6)
unavailable Gift of the hospital of St Andrews named person (transaction) 2/10/44 (SEA, i, no. 196)
1150 X 24 May 1153 Concession to receive céli De of Kilrymont as canons named person (transaction) Andrew, bishop of Caithness (d.1184); Hugh de Moreville (I) (d.1162); Nicholas of Roxburgh, chancellor (d.1171?); Walter de Bidun (d.1178); Walter Stewart (I), son of Alan (d.1177); William, abbot of Cambuskenneth (fl.1147-50) 1/4/119 (Chrs. David I, no. 209)
24 May 1153 X 24 Jan. 1162 Confirmation of agreement between St Andrews and céli Dé Beneficiary Duncan (II), earl of Fife (d.1204); Ferteth, earl of Strathearn (d.1171); Gilla Brigte, earl of Angus (d.×1189); Malcolm, earl of Atholl (d.c.1197); Matthew, bishop of Aberdeen (d.1199); Robert Avenel, lord of Eskdale (d.1185); Roger of Wilton, knight; Walter de Bidun (d.1178); Walter Stewart (I), son of Alan (d.1177); William de Somerville (I); William, bishop of Moray (d.1162) 1/5/50 (RRS, i, no. 173)
25 Mar. 1160 X 24 Mar. 1161 Renewal of the gifts and liberties given by King David, Earl Henry, King Alexander and Bishop Robert named person (transaction) Andrew, bishop of Caithness (d.1184); Cospatric, earl of Dunbar (d.1166); David Oliphant (12C); Geoffrey, abbot of Dunfermline (d.1178); Gilbert de Umfraville (fl.c.1140-90); Gregory, bishop of Dunkeld (d.1169); Herbert, king's chamberlain; Hugh de Moreville (I) (d.1162); Matthew, bishop of Aberdeen (d.1199); Merleswain, son of Colbán, lord of Kennoway and Ardross; Ness, son of William, lord of Leuchars (d.1178×83); Philip Colville; Ralph, son of Dúngal (d.c.1185); Richard Comyn (d.c.1179); Richard de Moreville (d.1189 or 1190); Richard, brother of the Order of the Hospital of Jerusalem; Robert Bruce II (d.1194); Robert, brother of the Order of the Temple of Solomon; Roger of Tarvit; Thomas of London; Walter Stewart (I), son of Alan (d.1177); Walter, clerk (TRM) 1/5/51 (RRS, i, no. 174)
1172 × 1178 Agreement (Chirograph) between St Andrews Cathedral Priory and the Céli Dé of St Andrews concerning revenue owed from the lands of Kinkell, Pitsporgy and Pitkenny Party 2 2/10/94 (SEA, i, no. 212)
15 Feb. 1198 X 20 Aug. 1199 Agreement between (i) Prior Gilbert and the convent of St Andrews and (ii) the céli De of St Andrews, over teinds in their lands of Kingask (FIF), etc. Party 2 Adam, son of Odo of Kinninmonth; Alan de Lascelles (d.p.1204); Brice, persona of Kellie ; Búadach of Inchmurdo; David, earl of Huntingdon (d.1219); David, lord of Strathbogie, son of Earl Duncan (II) ; Duncan (II), earl of Fife (d.1204); Duncan of Ceres (fl.1189×1235); Duncan, earl of Angus (d.×1214); Duncan, son of Earl Duncan (II) of Fife; Geoffrey Melville (II), son of Geoffrey (I); Gilbert or Gilla Brigte, earl of Strathearn (d.1223); Gilchrist, earl of Angus (d.×1206); Hugh, steward of bishops of St Andrews; John Scott, bishop of Dunkeld (d.1203); Jonathan, bishop of Dunblane (d.1209/10); Laurence Abernethy (fl.1180s×1230s); MacDuff (12C); Malcolm (I), earl of Fife (d.1229); Malcolm, son of Mael Patraic; Malise, son of Ferteth earl of Strathearn (d.a.1214); Matthew, bishop of Aberdeen (d.1199); Mauricius (Murdoch), elder, earl of Menteith (d.1213×34); Ralph, bishop of Brechin (d.1212×14); Robert of London (d.1225); Roger, bishop of St Andrews (d.1202); Waltheof, son of Merleswain (fl.1198×1226) 4/8/10 (St A. Lib., 318-9)
27 Apr. 1217 Appointment of papal judges-delegate named person (transaction) 2/139/11 (Theiner, no. 6)
7 Aug. 1220 Appointment of judge-delegate Party 2 2/139/46 (Theiner, no. 37)
7 Nov. 1250 Notification of publication of settlement between St Andrews Priory and Adam of Makerston, provost, and the Celi De Party 2 4/32/92 (Reeves, Culdees, no. 15)
7 Jun. 1253 Statement concerning case between David, bishop of St Andrews, and celi De of St Mary's chapel Party 2 2/97/44 (St A. Lib., 26)
20 Jul. 1255 Protest by the chapter of St Andrews against the admission of the Celi De to the election of the bishop is confirmed named person (transaction) 2/144/15 (Theiner, no. 177)

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Date Short Summary Role Source
25 Mar. 1160 X 24 Mar. 1161 'Kynninis' and Lambieletham Holder (possession) 1/5/51 (RRS, i, no. 174)
6 Jan. 1161 X 24 Jan. 1162 Kininis and Lambieletham (FIF) Holder (possession) 2/10/38 (SEA, i, no. 156)
31 Dec. 1163 Kininnis (Carngour, FIF) and Lambieletham (FIF) Holder (possession) 2/131/11 (St A. Lib., 53-6)
28 Mar. 1165 X 8 Dec. 1166 Kininnis (Carngour, FIF) and Lambieletham (Fife) Holder (possession) 2/10/44 (SEA, i, no. 196)
24 Dec. 1165 X 9 Aug. 1170 Carngour and Lambieletham Holder (possession) 1/6/23 (RRS, ii, no. 28)
24 Dec. 1165 X 1171 Alms of Balchristie (FIF) Holder (possession) 1/6/30 (RRS, ii, no. 35)
29 Aug. 1228 Kininnis (Carngour, FIF) and Lambieletham (FIF) Holder (possession) 1/7/146 (RRS, iii, no. 143)

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Date Short Summary Source
2 April 1172 X 1195 Gift of Kinkell (FIF), 'Pitsporgy' (FIF) and 'Pitkenny' (FIF) 2/62/1 (Barrow, Kinninmonth, no. 2)