People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Thomas, abbot of Lindores (d.1273)

Watt and Shead, Heads, 137: Thomas occurs as abbot of Lindores on 1 August 1259 and died in '1273'.
1259 × 1278
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Date Short Summary Role Witnesses Source
unavailable Gift of Williamston in Garioch and Boynds (ABD) Beneficiary 2/75/2 (CDS, i, no. 2267)
unavailable Papal mandate appointing judges-delegate to hear the case of Reading Abbey concerning the goods of the Priory of May Addressee 4/32/97 (St A. Lib., 391-2)
31 Aug. 1244 X 1273 Lease of toft in villa of Dundee (ANG) Grantor Chapter of Lindores 2/75/3 (Lind. Cart., no. 89)
31 Aug. 1244 X 1273 Gift of third part of land in villa of Perth (PER) Grantor Adam, son of Walkelin; Alexander Bell; John Bell; John [Albot] White, burgess of Perth; John, chaplain, dean of Perth; Martin of Lynn; Roger Clerk, burgess of Perth 2/75/4 (NRS, GD 160/112 (5))
1 Aug. 1259 Agreement over the land called 'Threpland' Party 2 Alexander de Rewburg; Geoffrey, archdeacon of Aberdeen (fl.1259-81); Richard, vicar of Aberdeen ; Robert Russell, brother of John Russell; Roger of Derby, precentor of Aberdeen (d.a.1270); Walter of Baltroddie, bishop of Caithness (d.1270); William, steward of Lindores Abbey 4/4/20 (Abdn. Reg., i, 26-7)
circa 1 Aug. 1259 X 25 Feb. 1267 Concession of claims in land of Drumcarro (FIF) named person (transaction) Adam of Kilconquhar, earl of Carrick (d.1271); David of Lochore, knight; Hugh Barclay, justiciar of Lothian (13C); John, abbot of Lindores (d.1274); Maurice or Murdoch, steward (FIF); Robert of Cockburn, knight; Thomas, abbot of Lindores (d.1273); Thomas, son of Alan ; William Abernethy (I), knight (d. 1273x96) 3/220/2 (Douglas, iii, no. 5)
7 Aug. 1261 Quitclaim of second teinds in exchange for Williamston (ABD) and Boynds (ABD) Grantor Chapter of Lindores 2/75/2 (CDS, i, no. 2267)
unavailable *Renunciation of claim against Adam, son of Adam and his heirs, over the tenement in the villa of South Berwick in return for 2 marks annually Judge 4/32/97 (St A. Lib., 391-2)
24 Oct. 1261 X 24 Mar. 1274 Settlement of dispute between (i) Reading Abbey and (ii) Adam, son of Adam son of Philip, burgess of South Berwick Addressor 4/32/97 (St A. Lib., 391-2)
11/Jun/1262 Resignation of church of Collessie (FIF) Beneficiary 2/10/269 (Lind. Cart., no. 145)
17 Jun. 1262 Resignation of church of Collessie (FIF) Beneficiary 2/105/1 (Lind. Cart., no. 143)
13 Dec. 1262 Appointment of papal judges-delegate Appointee 2/145/13 (Pais. Reg., 420)
7 Jan. 1278 Inspection and Confirmation of resignation of church of Collessie (FIF) Beneficiary 2/10/269 (Lind. Cart., no. 145)