People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Alexander mac Cinn Éitig (Kennedy), clerk, master

Watt, Graduates, 290: Alexander was Master by May 1270. He was also a canon of Glasgow by c.1290 or 1286x95 and was still in possession 9 September 1303. He first appears in 1269 witnessing an act by Laurence, bishop of Argyll. He was appointed official of Glasgow in 1273. He was a chancellor for King John Balliol from about July 1295. He is not found after 30 Jan. 1303.
1269 × 1296
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Date Short Summary Role Witnesses Source
1283 X 1295 Inspection of a charter of Angus MacDonald Addressor 3/547/83 (Pais. Reg., 127-8)
23 Dec. 1295 Command to warn the bishop of Glasgow and official to give satisfaction for loss of teinds named person (transaction) 2/156/2 (Theiner, no. 349)
10 Jul. 1296 Resignation of the realm of Scotland, with all its people and their homages in the presence of Alexander mac Cinn Éitig (Kennedy), clerk, master; Antony Bek (d.1311), bishop of Durham; Brian fitz Alan, baron, guardian; John Comyn, lord of Badenoch (d.1302) 1/51/29 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 372b)
10 Jul. 1296 Alexander Kennedy, canon of Glasgow, Nicholas de la Haye, knight, John Sinclair of Herdmanston, Andrew de Chartres, William of Silksworth, Alexander of Airth, Hugh Ridel, knight, and John Comyn of Scraesburgh, annul and renounce any alliances made with the king of the French and perform fealty to the king of England Performer (submission, fealty, homage, oath) Antony Bek (d.1311), bishop of Durham; Gilbert de Umfraville, earl of Angus (d.1307); Humphrey (VI) de Bohun (d.1298), earl of Hereford, and of Essex; John de Warenne, earl of Surrey (d.1304); Patrick (IV), earl of Dunbar/March (d.1308); Roger (IV) Bigod (d.1306), earl of Norfolk; William (IV) de Beauchamp (d.1298), earl of Warwick 6/2/86 (IP, 89)
10 Jul. 1296 Alexander Kennedy promises to support and serve the king of England Addressor 6/2/87 (IP, 89a)
10 Jul. 1296 Alexander Kennedy promises to support and serve the king of England Sealer 6/2/87 (IP, 89a)
9 Sept. 1303 ERA undefined (transaction) 5/3/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1392)