People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

King Malcolm IV charter witnesses

Malcolm IV, or Mael Coluim, was king from 1153 to 1165.

The SNA visualization does not include all documents in the name of King Malcolm. First, the PoMS database only includes documents dealing with people, places, and possessions in Scotland, or which were produced in Scotland. In this case that means all documents with an H-number of 1/5/, plus H1/1000/24, 41, 42, 53, 57, and 58.

In the case of King Malcolm, the only relevant document type included were charters strictly speaking. Out of 99 qualifying charters, only 88 are represented in the study, because the remainder did not have witnesses.

There are 157 total persons appearing as witnesses in these 88 charters, and thus 157 nodes in the sociogram, with 5488 ties between them.

The following table lists the ten witnesses with the highest degree centrality. Degree is the number of other witnesses to whom each person is connected, or co-witnesses with. The following ten people witnessed alongside more other people than anyone else in King Malcolm's charters. Eigenvector centrality expresses in a percentage the importance of that person in terms of their witnessing with other important figures. Thus, even though Walter Stewart (I) witnessed alongside the most other witnesses, Richard de Moreville has the highest eigenvector centrality, having witnessed alongside slightly more of the important players than Walter. Please note that the titles of the individuals below (e.g. Matthew, bishop of Aberdeen) do not necessarily reflect the positions they held in the reign of King Malcolm.

[table id=76 /]