People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

King David I charter witnesses

This SNA visualization shows the witnesses to charters of King David I (1124-53). David's reign marked a period when charters were only beginning to be used systematically in the kingdom, and the majority of these documents date to the later years of his reign.

This Gephi sociogram includes 83 documents of King David, of which 81 are charters strictly defined, and two are notifications. Brieves and brieve-charters are not included in this study.

There are  172 unique witnesses appearing in these 83 documents, all of them male.

The following table lists the ten witnesses with the highest degree centrality. Degree is the number of other witnesses to whom each person is connected, or co-witnesses with. The following ten people witnessed alongside more other people than anyone else in King Malcolm’s charters. Eigenvector centrality expresses in a percentage the importance of that person in terms of their witnessing with other important figures.

[table id=94 /]