People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 0/0/0 (CDS, iv, no. 1815)

1) Dougal Macdowell asks the king’s grace regarding a land called Sippeland, escheated by Hugh of Ardrossan to whom John de Balliol, late king of Scotland had given it. The king had given it by charter to Dougal. Hugh having come to his peace, asks the land as his heritage. Response: If Hugh’s heritage, let him have it. If crown land and given by John de Balliol, that gift is void, and the king’s present grant to stand. Let a writ of enquiry issue. 2) On the petition of Walter of Twynholm, asking the king’s grace in the serjeanty of Wigtownshire for life. Response: Let inquiry by made as to value, and ad quod damnum. 3) On the petition of the abbot and convent of Arbroath, as to their disseisin by John de Balliol of their lands and woods in a place called Moillectre in the county of Forfar. Response: Let them sue before the lieutenant in Scotland. 4) On the petition of Patrick of Dunbar, earl of March, for the king’s grace in sustenance of his castle and family, as his lands are totally waste and destroyed. Response: _The king will consider and do remedy at a fitting time_ 5) On the petition of Patrick of Dunbar, the earl’s son, that the king would give him Polworth (MLO), held of his father by ward and relief, homage, suit and service. Response: _The king is not advised to give his land to anyone._ 6) On the petition of Alexander de Balliol of Cavers, that the sum due him in the Wardrobe be allowed against his rent of Hassendean (ROX), which he holds for 5 years. Response: _Let him see the chamberlain of Scotland, and sue the matter to the king’s interest._ 7) On the petition of John de Mowbray regarding a £10 land in Ednam, which William de Mowbray, whose heir he is, had by John de Balliol’s grant, under an excambium made with Sir Alan of Pennington for some land in York. Response: _Another reply was given in last Parliament, with which he must be content._ 8) On the petition of Dougal Passager, that the king would give him aid to keep up two ferry boats on the Spey, as his charter from King Alexander bears. Response: _Let him show the lieutenant and chamberlain his charter, and have help in its terms._ 9) On the petition of Adam, chaplain of Moray, asking 6 marks for serving a chapel built in honour of St Laurence in the county of Forres, of the alms of King Alexander, for the soul of Margaret, late Queen of Scotland. Response: _Let him show the lieutenant and chamberlain his charter, and have the accustomed stipend._ 10) On the petition of Aymer of Hadden, that the sheriff of Roxburgh be enjoined to pay him 22 marks yearly for land in Hadden, which King Alexander paid him then, and for a letter ‘de porale’ against the prior and canons of Kirkham and Carham to have justices of ‘oir and terminer’ as to the land. Response: _Let him sue before the lieutenant and show his charter or other muniment._ 11) On the petition of Malcolm, earl of Lennox that the king would order the 100 marks paid for his relief, to be allowed in his ransom, and the balance of relief be discharged. Response: _When an extent of his lands is made, the king will take advice._ 12) On the petition of the Bishop of Aberdeen (1) for restoration of his losses by the enemy in the war. Response: _The king willingly grants respite pro loco et tempore._ (2) He asks the houses of the manor of Dorres. Response: _The king will not grant them to anyone. If he wants timber, he willingly gives it._ 13) On Sir Reginald le Cheyne’s petition for 200 oaks to build his manor of Duffus. Response: _The king wills it._ 14) On that of John of Spalding, canon of Elgin, for 20 oaks to build Duffus church. Response: _The king wills it._ 15) On the countess of Fife’s petition (1) to give in alms to the abbey of Coupar for her husband’s soul who died there, the land held by John of Kinross. Response: _The king wills inquiry ad quod damnum by the warden. (2) For the king’s land of Martefyn for life, for the use ‘gerdafri Duncani valletti’. Response: _The king will give no lands in liferent or fee till he has settled Scotland._
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CDS, iv, no. 1815
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