People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 0/0/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1530)

Memorandum as to [church?] lands and goods to be restored to the bishop of Dunkeld under letters to be written to the sheriffs of Forfar, Edinburgh, Berwick, Fife and Clackmannan; also as to the church and private neyfs taken from him [cancelled]. And letters for restoration of his patrimonial property addressed to these sheriffs: Forfar, for the land of Achbranny in Glenisla; Fife, for the barony of Crambeth and the land of Bolgy; Kinross, for the lands he has in Cultcarnie and Dolkoyth. Also that Roger, son of Walter of Cowpen asks a writ to the prior of Tynemouth for sasine of his land of Cowpen as before the war. [This entry cancelled.] That Roger Marischal, burgess of Perth, asks a letter of sasine of his burgages there held before the war. That the sheriff of Banff be appointed to assign Master Geoffrey […]odbeth, canon of Moray, the church of Inverkeithny annexed to his prebend. That Simon de Balelod asks sasine of Balelod, held in feu of the king in Perthshire. And David, rector of the church of Muckersie, in Perthshire, asks sasine of his church, as before the war.
Firm date
4 May 1304
Source for Data Entry
CDS, ii, no. 1530
Trad. ID
CDS, ii, no. 1530
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Entered from an English summary

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Date Short Summary Subject Object
4 May 1304 Son of Walter of Cowpen (Familial relationship) Roger, son of Walter of Cowpen Walter of Cowpen