People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/87/1 (Records of May, App. no. IA)

William by divine permission abbot of Reading and the convent of the same place, state that for seeking and receiving their priory of May in Scotland, or possession of the same, with all and singular things pertaining to the said priory, or for seeking and receiving the outstanding money recently agreed for the same, along with all the fruits and revenues received from the same priory, and also for completing, compounding and seeking royal confirmation concerning this transaction or composition to be made by them, and for consenting to the same, and for finally determining the said business in their name and [the name of] their church of Reading as shall seem most expedient to them, they have ordained, made and instituted their beloved in Christ brother John de Sutton, fellow monk of their house, and Mr Hugh de Staunford, their clerk, carriers of the present [letters], procurators or attorneys by the present [letters]. Giving to the same general power and special mandate in their name and [the name] of their church of Reading for settling all and singular the foregoing and for appealing at the court of their lord the illustrious king of England and prosecuting that appeal and doing all other things by which it shall be possible to settle the said business legitimately, regarding as ratified and acceptable to them, now and in the future whatever their said procurators shall do in the foregoing. This same thing they notify to all and singular whom the tenor of the present [letters] concerns. In testimony of which matter they have appended their seal to the present [letters].
Firm date
17 January 1293
Dating Notes
on 16 Kalends February 1292
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Source for Data Entry
Records of the priory of the Isle of May, ed. John Stuart. 1868. Appendix to Preface, no. 1
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Records of May, App. no. IA
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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
17 Jan. 1293 Appointment of John of Sutton and Hugh of Stanford as procurators and attorneys to require May Priory yes