People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/419/4 (RMS, ii, no. 118)

Roger de Moubray has given, granted and established by this his charter to Philip le Brun for his homage and service Echline (WLO) in whole, with all its pertinents, two oxgangs of land in the villa of Dalmeny (WLO) with tofts and crofts [???]; namely, that oxgang of land with toft and croft which Arkill formerly held and that oxgang of land with toft and croft which Reginald Ruffus held; and four acres of land, namely three acres which Robert the chaplain formerly held at ferme from Sir Philip de Moubray, lying between the house of the persona of Dalmeny and the garden which was formerly one acre that was a certain meadow which Thomas the ferry-man held; with common pasture of Dalmeny and with free entry and exit; in feu and heritage, with all liberties and easements and free customs pertaining to the lands of Echline and Dalmeny, making to Roger and his heirs the service of 1/3 part of a knight, for all custom, aid, exaction and demand.
Firm date
circa 1220 X 1247
Dating Notes
Succession of grantor × death of Master William of Greenlaw
Source for Data Entry
NAS, Ch. B. 42
Trad. ID
RMS, ii, no. 118
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NAS, Ch. B. 42

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