People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/42/1 A (CDS, i, no. 2672)

A complete list of the jurors. Earl Patrick [of Dunbar], the earl of Strathearn, Robert de Brus, William, brother of Earl Patrick, William Giffard, Roger de Moubray, David Marshal, Richard Marshal, Robert Marshal, John of Keith, Ness Fraser, Laurence Fraser, Robert de Moubray, Philip le Brun, John d’Aunay, William of Ormiston, Adam of Yetholm, William de Vieuxpont, David of Graham, William, son of the earl, Robert of Congalton, David of Berndun, Walter of Berndun, Philip of Pitcox, John son of Waltheof, Robert of Wilton, Adam of Gordon, Alan de St Clare, Thomas de Normanville, Walran his brother, John of Hermand, David Olifard, Patrick of Melville, William of Mordington, Hector (sic), Waltheof of Strachan, William de Balliol, Simon Lockhart, Robert of Kippo, Richard la Mahille. The following knights have sworn with Earl Walter Comyn: Nicholas de Soules, Gilbert de la Haye, Robert de Menzies, John Comyn, William de Vieuxpont, David Comyn, Richard de Munfichet, William of Airth, Malcolm son of the earl, Duncan Sibbald, Ralph of Bonkle, Ralph of Pavinton, Henry of Graham, Roger Lorraine, Hugh the Fleming, William de Valognes (sic for de Vaux?), Alexander of Stirling, William de la Haye, Walter of Bonkle, Richard Cuners, Thomas Crok, Philip le futur, Alexander Uviet, Gilbert of ‘Sewalistone’, Ivo de Vieuxpont, Thomas of Conisbrough, William del Bois, William de la Haye, Richard of Craig, Robert Comyn, John le Blund, Robert of ‘Brokismu’, Robert le Born, Joachim (sic), Aymer of Ainslie, Randulf of ‘Halwtone’, Henry of Winton, William of Hadden, John of Fenton, Henry of Halliburton.
Firm date
8 December 1244 X 1245
Probable date
possibly 1237?
Dating Notes
After King Henry’s instructions regarding these oaths (_Cal. Pat. Rolls_ 1232-47, 447)
Source for Data Entry
CDS, i, no. 2672
Trad. ID
CDS, i, no. 2672
Calendar number
4/42/1 /A
Charter type
Entered from an English summary
TNA, C 47/22/5/11; entered from English calendar only

Total number of associated factoids: 14

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
8 Dec. 1244 X 1245 Statement of jurors for Earl Patrick of Dunbar and Earl Walter Comyn of Menteith yes

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
8 Dec. 1244 X 1245 Earl Patrick (II), earl of Dunbar (d.1248)
8 Dec. 1244 X 1245 earl of Strathearn Robert, earl of Strathearn (1223-45)
8 Dec. 1244 X 1245 marischal David de Bonville, marischal (fl.late 12C-mid13C)
8 Dec. 1244 X 1245 marischal Richard, marischal, knight (TRA)
8 Dec. 1244 X 1245 marischal Robert, marischal (mid 13C)
8 Dec. 1244 X 1245 Earl Walter Comyn, earl of Menteith (d.1258)
8 Dec. 1244 X 1245 earl Unknown, earl (father of William)
8 Dec. 1244 X 1245 earl Unknown, earl (father of Malcolm)