People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/16/3 A (Moray Reg., no. 51)

Agreement is between (i) Brice, bishop of Moray, and (ii) John Bisset, over the advowson of the churches of Convinth (INV) and Dunballoch (later Wardlaw, now Kirkhill, INV), and of the teinds of renders that were owed to the lord king, and of the lands within the parishes, as constituted before the lands may have been given and granted to John in feu. John Bisset has quitclaimed in perpetuity to the church of Moray and Sir Brice, bishop of Moray, the advowson of the church of ‘Dulbathlach’, with all its pertinents, including teinds, oblations, obventions and ecclesiastical rights pertaining to 9 davochs pertaining by the right of parish and by episcopal authority to the church of Dunballoch (Kirkhill), namely the davochs of Fingask, ‘Morevayn’ (later Lovat), ‘Lusnecorn’ (lost, in Kirkhill parish, INV), Moniack and the other Moniack, and three davochs of ‘Ferc’ (lost, now Lentran, Holm, and Craggach, in Kirkhill parish, INV). The bishop has quitclaimed to John in perpetuity the advowson of Convinth, to which are assigned by episcopal authority as pertaining by right of the parish the following 11 davochs; Guisachan, Buntait, Erchless, Comar, Convinth, that is, two davochs, Bruiach, Moy and the other Moy, Dounie and Phoineas (all in INV), with all their just pertinents, in teinds, oblations and ecclesiastical rights. The bishop has also quitclaimed in perpetuity all claim that he had to the teinds of the renders that were owed to the lord king, and their retention by John for several years, retaining to himself (the bishop), 20s annually in the name of teinds on the ten pounds annually that John pays to the lord for the lands which he has at ferme from the lord king within the said parishes. Moreover, John Bisset has conferred and granted in pure and perpetual alms 7 acres of land of the church of Dunballoch which are near the church, and which may have been translated to Fingask to the site called Wardlaw, or in Gaelic, ‘Balcabrac’. It was also agreed between the bishop and John Bisset that John will cause this agreement to be established by the charter of the lord king, and the lord bishop will cause it to be established by the charter of the chapter of the church of the Holy Trinity of Elgin.
Firm date
1207 X 15 October 1221
Probable date
4/Dec/1214 ×
Dating Notes
Establishment of cathedral at Spynie × royal confirmation (_Moray Reg._, no. 52).
Source for Data Entry
Moray Registrum, no. 51
Trad. ID
Moray Reg., no. 51
Calendar number
4/16/3 /A
Charter type

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Date Short Summary Subject Object
1207 X 15 Oct. 1221 Son of Stephen (Familial relationship) William son of Stephen, chaplain Stephen (father of William the chaplain)