People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/32/29 (Lind. Cart., no. 42)

Simon, prior of St Andrews, John, prior of May, and Master Laurence, archdeacon of St Andrews, proclaim settlement by the authority of Pope Innocent III, over the church of Muthill (PER) raised between Abraham, bishop of Dunblane, and Abbot Guy and the convent of Lindores. The bishop of Dunblane, with the consent of Earl Gilbert and his heir, Robert, and Gilbert, archdeacon of the bishop, and Elphin, prior of Inchaffray, and the clergy of that diocese, and Abbot Guy, with the consent of his convent, had submitted themselves to the authority of William, bishop of St Andrews, of good memory so that peace would be provided between the bishop and the monastery. The bishop of Dunblane, with the said assent, conceded to Lindores Abbey 10 marks annual rent as assigned from the villa which is called Exmagirdle (PER), by its right marches, for 6 marks of the rent, being free of aids and military service, cain and conveth, an all service, exaction and secular custom; Gilbert, earl of Strathearn, undertook the burden of military service, and the bishop of Dunblane shall support all other burdens; in addition, 2 marks are assigned to the church of Exmagirdle, free and quit of hospitality, procurations, and remaining episcopal dues, except the cathedraticum and canonicam justiciam, and they shall have, by the assignation of the remaining 2 marks, all the teinds and decimation of ‘Cletheues’ (?Clavage, PER), free of any burdens.
Firm date
8 December 1211 X 17 June 1219
Dating Notes
Resignation of Prior Thomas of St Andrews × death of Abbot Guy of Lindores
Source for Data Entry
Lindores Chartulary, no. 42
Trad. ID
Lind. Cart., no. 42
Calendar number
Charter type
Ferguson, Medieval Papal Reps., App. I, no. 31 Cooper, Select Scottish Cases, no. 9

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Donation of church of Muthill (PER) no
8 Dec. 1211 X 17 Jun. 1219 Settlement between Abraham, bishop of Dunblane and Guy, abbot of Lindores yes
8 Dec. 1211 X 17 Jun. 1219 * Gift (agreement) of 10 marks from the villa which is called Exmagirdle (PER) yes
8 Dec. 1211 X 17 Jun. 1219 * Quitclaim (agreement) of rights in church of Muthill yes