People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Place: MLO (Midlothian) >> Cramond

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Name Floruits Related place
Alice, daughter of John son of Ranulf of Cramond 1230 × 1230 Cramond
Hervey, vicar of Cramond 1200 × 1210 Cramond
Hugh of Cramond Cramond
John of Cramond 1304 × 1304 Cramond
John, butler of Cramond 1296 × 1296 Cramond
John, son of Alice of Cramond 1240 × 1240 Cramond
John, son of Ranulf of Cramond Cramond
John, son of Thomas of Cramond Cramond
Laurence of Cramond 1296 × 1305 Cramond
Ranulf of Cramond Cramond
Robert of Cramond 1251 × 1251 Cramond
Robert, chaplain of Cramond 1210 × 1210 Cramond
Thomas of Cramond Cramond
Unknown, daughter of William of Cramond Cramond
William of Cramond 1296 × 1296 Cramond
William of Cramond, master, son of Simon 1296 × 1296 Cramond

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Gift of 6 and half acres in Cramond (MLO) no
undated Gift of a toft and croft on north side of the villa of Cramond 'of the Scots' (MLO) yes Gilbert, clerk (Cramond); Hervey, vicar of Cramond ; Richard Melville (1230s); Roger of Balmule; Simon, son-in-law of Henry of Braid; William of Pitliver ; William, mason (MLO)
6 Mar. 1179 Privilege of protection, confirming possessions, rights, and immunities yes
17 Mar. 1182 Confirmation of half ploughgate in Aberdour (FIF), revenue of mill there, and island at Cramond (MLO) yes
circa 1230 X circa 1240 Gift of six acres of land in villa of Cramond (MLO) yes Adam, serviens of abbot of Dunfermline; Alan, serviens of abbot of Dunfermline; Alexander of Edinburgh, master, clerk of Bishop David; Astin, serviens; Constantine of Lochore (brother of Philip?); Constantine of Lochore (II), son of Philip; John of Balbirnie; Michael, son of Walter ; Patrick of Dunfermline; Simon of Fod ; Waltheof of Strachan; William Dod, burgess of Inverkeithing; William, son of James
1275 X 1296 Gift of lands Master William of Cramond yes
unavailable Gift of 20s. from church of Cramond (MLO) no
unavailable Grant of 20s in church of Cramond (MLO) no
1178 X 1186 Gift of revenue from mills and fermes in exchange for alms yes Hugh Gifford, lord of Yester; Hugh, bishop of St Andrews (d.1188); Robert Barclay, brother of Walter; Walter Barclay, chamberlain (d.c.1193); Walter Oliphant (I), justice; William Hay (I), lord of Errol (d.c.1201)
3 Aug. 1251 X 16 Apr. 1272 Renewal of churches and chapels for Inchcolm Abbey yes Chapter of Dunkeld

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1275 X 1296 Three tofts and three acres in villa of Cramond (MLO) Laurence of Cramond
1275 X 1296 Land held of king (in Cramond?) Alexander III, king of Scots (d.1286)