People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Place: ROX (Roxburghshire) >> Liddesdale

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Name Floruits Related place
Men in Liddesdale Liddesdale
Nicholas Soulis, lord of Liddesdale (d.1265) 1234 × 1263 Liddesdale

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Infeftment of Liddesdale (ROX) no
unavailable Forfeiture of Liddesdale (ROX) no
unavailable Gift of ploughgate in Liddesdale (DMF) no
unavailable Chirograph between Ranulf de Soulis and Jedburgh Abbey no
unavailable Confirmation of ploughgate in Liddesdale no
circa 1170 X 1207 Grant of 'la Wambehope' (in Canonbie ph., DMF) yes Adam, son of Edgar; Arkil, grieve of Nisbet; Blacori; Geoffrey, cook (DMF); Halenad English; Ralph of Ryedale; Richard Soulis (brother of Ranulf II); Robert de Quarrantilly; Robert, son of Walter; Waltheof of Rule; Werrico; William des Aigneus
1297 Petition concerning ploughgate of land in Liddesdale yes
12 Sept. 1307 Command to levy £32 of issues to Joanna, widow of John Wake, or William Soulis yes
12 Apr. 1310 Gift of custody of lands in Liddel yes
4 Aug. 1320 X 7 Jun. 1329 Gift (?) of Liddesdale (ROX) yes
15 Sept. 1334 Grant of lands formerly held by Adam of Dalmain and John son of William Inglis in Liddesdale and Hirdmanstoun in Teviotdale (ROX) yes Alexander de Mowbray, knight; David of Strathbogie, titular earl of Atholl (d. 1335); Henry de Beaumont, titular earl of Buchan; John Stirling, knight (mid 14C); Richard Talbot, knight; Thomas Uhtred, knight
14 Feb. 1342 Delivery of sasine of Liddesdale (ROX) yes
16 Feb. 1342 Gift of Liddesdale (ROX) yes Duncan (IV), earl of Fife (d.1353); John Randolph, earl of Moray, lord of Annandale and Man (d. 1346); Malcolm Fleming, earl of Wigtown (d. 1357x62); Patrick (V), earl of Dunbar/March and Moray (d.1369); Robert [Stewart] II, king of Scots (d. 1390); Thomas de Chartres (Charteris), chancellor (d. 1346)
12 Feb. 1354 Gift of Douglasdale (LAN), Lauderdale (BWK), and other named lands yes John of Preston, knight (14C); Patrick (V), earl of Dunbar/March and Moray (d.1369); Patrick of Leuchars, bishop of Brechin (d. 1383); Robert Erskine, chamberlain; Robert [Stewart] II, king of Scots (d. 1390); Robert, clerk of Dumbarton; William Landellis, bishop of St Andrews (d. 1385); William of Livingston, knight; William Rae, bishop of Glasgow (d. 1367)
unavailable Gift of Liddesdale and teind of venison no