People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Correspondence between John de Warenne and Edward I

Type of Transaction
From Source
3/24/4 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 462)
Firm date
1 August 1297
Dating Notes
First day of August

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Addressor John de Warenne, earl of Surrey (d.1304) Johan John, earl of Warenne 1292 × 1301
Addressee Edward I, king of England (d.1307) Edward my lord, Sir Edward, king of [England], lord of Ireland and duke of Aquitaine 1274 × 1312
named person (transaction) Robert Wishart, bishop of Glasgow (d.1316) leveske de Glasgu bishop of Glasgow 1271 × 1312
named person (transaction) Robert [Bruce] I, king of Scots (d.1329) counte de Carrik earl of Carrick 1292 × 1329
named person (transaction) James Stewart (d.1309) Seneschal d'Escoce steward of Scotland 1276 × 1309
named person (transaction) Henry de Percy (I), knight (d.1314) Henry de [Percy] Sir Henry de Percy 1297 × 1306
named person (transaction) Malise (III), earl of Strathearn ( or a.1317) counte [...] Stratherne earl [of] Strathearn 1258 × 1313
named person (transaction) MacDuff (1290s) Mak-Dof Macduff
named person (transaction) Unknown, two sons of MacDuff es ij fuyz his two sons
named person (transaction) Henry de Lazom Henri de Lazom Sir Henry de Lazom
named person (transaction) William Douglas, lord of Douglas (d.1298) William de Duglas Sir William Douglas 1289 × 1297