People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Succession of land of Yester, Lethington, toft in burgh of Crail, toft in Haddington

Type of Transaction
From Source
1/6/426 (RRS, ii, no. 459)
Firm date
7 May, 1202 X 1207
Probable date
7/May, 1205 × 1207
Dating Notes
7th day of May; election × resignation of Florence as bishop-elect of Glasgow; probable date based on Florence's time in Scotland. See <em>RRS</em>, ii, 424
in feu and heritage; of me and my heirs
Tenendas original language
de me et heredibus meis in feudo et hereditate
Sicut clause
Legal Pertinents
infangthief; sake and soke; toll and team
Returns / Military
one knight

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor William I, king of Scots (d.1214) W' William, king of Scots 1145 × 1213
Beneficiary William Gifford, son of Hugh Gifford, lord of Yester Willelmo filio Hugonis Giffard' William, son of Hugh Giffard 1178 × 1205
Sicut Clause Hugh Gifford, lord of Yester Hugo Hugh, father of the same 1153 × 1189
in the time of (tempore) Ada de Warenne (d.1178), countess of Northumberland Ade Ada, countess, my mother 1139 × 1175
Previous landholder Ralph Boswell (de Boseville) Radulfus de Boseuill' Radulf de Bosville
Previous landholder William de Bellencombre Willelmus de Belencumbr' William de Bellencombre
Neighbouring landholder Godfrey, marischal (FIF) Godefridi Godfrey the marischal
Neighbouring landholder Unknown, wife of Godfrey the marischal uxore sua his wife
Neighbouring landholder Haddington Priory monialium nuns 1152 × 1358
Previous landholder Gamel (landholder in Yester) Gamell' Gamel
Previous landholder Áed/Hugh, son of Áed, son of Gilla Míchéil earl of Fife (fl.1160s) Eggu Eggu (Áed) 1165 × 1166
named person (transaction) Arnold Kiglepeni Ærnaldus Kiglepeni Arnold Kiglepeni
named person (transaction) Richard Frere (13C) Ricardi Fratris Richard Frere
named person (transaction) David, priest (in Crail) Dauid David, the priest
named person (transaction) Ulkil of Pittenweem Ulkil de Petnewem' Ulkil of Pittenweem

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Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits Order
Florence, bishop-elect of Glasgow (d.1210) Florentio Florence, elect of Glasgow, my chancellor 1202 × 1207 1
Eustace de Vescy (d.1216) Eustacio de Vescy Eustace de Vescy 1182 × 1215 2
Robert of Roos (II) (d.1226/7) Roberto de Ros' Robert de Ros 1200 × 1225 3
Robert of London (d.1225) Roberto de Londoniis Robert of London, my son 1174 × 1221 4
Philip de Valognes, chamberlain (d.1215) Philippo de Valoniis Philip de Valognes, my chamberlain 1168 × 1215 5
Richard Revel, lord of Coultra (d.1215×25) Ricardo Reuel Richard Revel 1202 × 1225 6
Simon Fraser (I) (TRW) Simone Fraser Simon Fraser 1184 × 1202 7
Adam Hastings/Hasketh Adam Hasteng' Adam Hastings 1189 × 1218 8

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
FIF (Fife) buildings of Ulkil of Pittenweem [edificiis] Ukil de Petnewem' Crail
FIF (Fife) buildings of David, the priest [edificiis] Dauid presbiteri Crail
FIF (Fife) buildings of Richard Frere edificiis Ricardi Fratris Crail
ELO (East Lothian) toft in Haddington unum Toftum in Hadintun' Haddington
ELO Yester Jhestrid' Yester
ELO (East Lothian) part held by Gamel, which Eggu held at ferme illam Jhestrid' quam Gamell' tenuit Yester
ELO (East Lothian) part which Eggu held at ferme illam Jhestrid' quam Eggu qui terram illam ad firmam tenuit mihi quietam clamauit Yester
ELO (East Lothian) part held by Radulf de Boseville totam Lefditonam [...] partem quam Radulfus de Boseuill' tenuit Lethington (Lennoxlove)
ELO (East Lothian) part held by William de Bellencombre [totam Lefditonam...] et illam partem quam Willelmus de Bellencumbr' tenuit Lethington (Lennoxlove)
ELO (East Lothian) land beside River Tyne terram illam secus Tinam Lethington (Lennoxlove)
FIF (Fife) toft in Crail, which Arnold Kiglepeni first built in burgo de Karel illus plenarium Toftum quod Ærnaldus Kiglepeni primitus edificauit Crail

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
right of common pasture right of common pasture pasturam