People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

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Beam, Amanda:

The Attempted Restoration: Wallace's Support of King John, 1299-1302 (July 2011)

A complicated case of dower lands in Northumberland (Aug. 2012)

Dervorguilla, daughter of Alan of Galloway and Lady of Balliol (Sept. 2012)

Robert, prior of Restenneth (fl. 1165) (June 2009)

Three papal letters concerning the diocese of Caithness (Aug. 2009)

The Northern Rebels of 1296

Part One: Cumberland (Dec. 2012)

Part Two: Northumberland (Feb. 2013)

Part Three: Cumberland and Northumberland (Mar. 2013)

Broun, Dauvit:

'Absent' and dead charter-witnesses (Mar. 2010)

English law and the unification of Scotland (May 2012)

From Mar to the English Midlands: the case of a Scottish couple pursuing claims to land in Warwickshire, 1224 - 1227 (April 2012)

The king's brithem (Gaelic for 'judge') and the recording of dispute-resolutions (April 2010)

Letter of Robert I to Edward II, 1 October 1310 (June 2013)

Making sense of an inaccurate copy: the case of Alexander III's brieve of protection for Dunfermline Abbey, 1271 (Dec. 2009)

New information on the Guardians' appointment in 1286 and on Wallace's rising in 1297 (Sept. 2011)

A recently discovered Latin chronicle of the Wars of Independence (Aug. 2011)

Rereading the 'deposition clause' in the Declaration of Arbroath (July 2012)

An Unsophisticated Account of Edward's Takeover of Scotland (1291) (July 2013)

Carpenter, David:

The downfall and punishment of Robert de Ros (June 2012)

Melrose Abbey and English law (lex anglicana): attitudes to England in the period before the Wars of Independence (Feb. 2010)

The 'Scottish King's Household' and English Ideas of Constitutional Reform (October 2011)

Davies, John Reuben:

The Execution of William Wallace: the earliest account (May 2011)

The Execution of William Wallace: Saint Bartholomew's Eve, Monday 23 August 1305 (August 2013)

'Giving', 'Granting' and 'Confirming': The Problem of Dispositive Verbs in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Scottish Charters

Part 1 (July 2009)

Part 2 (Sept. 2009)

Part 3: Implied Warrandice (Oct. 2009)

King David deals with a controversial transaction: the language of giving and granting in the dispute over Edrom and Nisbet (May 2010)

The Making of the Ragman Roll: the texts (Dec. 2011)

The Making of the Ragman Roll: the work of the Notary (Nov. 2011)

Welshmen in the army of Edward I during the Scottish campaign of 1296 (Jan. 2013)

Hammond, Matthew:

All the king's men (Jan. 2010)

How many are people in the Ragman Roll? (Jan. 2012)

Women in the Ragman Roll

Part One (Feb. 2012)

Part Two (Mar. 2012)

Márkus, Gilbert:

Tracking down a lost parish (Nov. 2009)

Smith, Andrew:

Allegiance before 1304: the example of Kelso Abbey (April 2011)

Forgery and the Wars of Independence: the example of Kelso Abbey (June 2011)

Re-establishing Scottish independence in 1314: the example of Kelso Abbey (Mar. 2011)

Surviving the War: Religious Houses and their Property between 1296 and 1314 (April 2013)

The 'War Clause' in Medieval Scottish Charters (Oct. 2012)

Stone, Ian:

William Wallace: traitor to the king of Scotland? (Nov. 2012)