People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Family Relationships

This SNA visualization shows all the people in the PoMS database connected by familial relationship factoids up to the year 1286.

The colour of the nodes reflects the gender of the person, and the size of the nodes and name labels reflect the between-ness centrality of the person. Many women haveĀ  a relatively high between-ness centrality in this sociogram because of their important social role in linking up powerful family groups.

The highly interconnected core group of the family relationships sociogram represents the most powerful elite famliess in the kingdom and demonstrates how they were interconnected through marriage. Family groups are clustered together: if you start with the royal family in the middle left of the core area, it is possible to move clockwise and come across the families of Dunbar, Atholl, Hay, Strathearn, Comyn, Stewart, Lennox, Quincy, Fife and Galloway/ Morville.