People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 5/3/0 (SHS Misc. xi, 31)

At Wark, Wednesday next after Palm Sunday, 24th year (21 Mar. 1296) 1. William of Whittingham was attached by John of Wigtown, knight, at Dalton, and sent to prison because it was said that he was a Scottish spy, and that he withdrew from the country where he held lands in order to avoid serving in the king’s army against the Scots. It was said that he is of the affinity of John ‘Red’ Comyn, the enemy of the kign of England. William comes and says at the suit of the king that he is not guilty and puts himself on the country. The jurors say on oath that he is a good and loyal man, and is no wise guilty of the offences with which he is charged. Therefore he is acquitted. 2. Alice de Wooler, Thomas de Lung and John Andrew of Pressen bring a suit of robbery against John of Thwaites, Richard de Hocclyve, Matthew de Kyklor and John Sutton. Alice and the others have not prosecuted. Therefore she and her sureties for prosecuting, namely, William le Rus and Robert le Espernor, are in mercy. The others are acquitted of their suit. At the suit of the king they say that they are not guilty and put themselves on the country. The jurors say on their oath that John and the others are in no wise guilty. Therefore they are acquitted. (Amercement 12d.).
Firm date
Wednesday 21 March 1296
Dating Notes
Wednesday after Palm Sunday, 24 Edward I
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Source for Data Entry
C.J. Neville, ‘A plea roll of Edward I’s army in Scotland, 1296’, SHS Miscellany XI (1990), 7-133
Trad. ID
SHS Misc. xi, 31
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English Royal Administration
CDS, ii, no. 822

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Wednesday 21 Mar. 1296 ERA yes