People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/6/2 (Stringer, Earl David Acta, no. 27)

David, earl of Huntingdon, has given and granted Fintry (ANG) to Hugh Giffard in feu and heritage, in augmentation of the other feu which the earl gave him.
Firm date
1173 X 1174
Dating Notes
Use of first seal and Scribe A, who penned documents dating to 1172 and 1174, point to the period 1173 × 1174, when David (unsuccessfully) claimed the earldom of Huntingdon. It is possible that he continued to use his first seal after his accession to the earldom in March 1185. See Stringer, _Earl David_, 235, for full explanation of dating.
Source for Data Entry
Stringer, Earl David Acta, no. 27
Trad. ID
Stringer, Earl David Acta, no. 27
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NAS GD 28/4

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
1173 X 1174 earl of Huntingdon David, earl of Huntingdon (d.1219)
1173 X 1174 constable Saer de Thennes
1173 X 1174 clerk (earl's) Robert, clerk of Earl David
1173 X 1174 king of Scots William I, king of Scots (d.1214)