People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/3/4 (Scone Lib., no. 1)

King Alexander and Queen Sybilla; found Scone Priory with the following possessions: Innerbuist (PER) with five ploughgates of land, Banchory (PER) with three ploughgates, Fodderance (Lintrose, ANG), with one ploughgate, Kinnochtry (PER or ANG) , with one ploughgate, Fingask (PER) with one ploughgate, Durdie (PER) with three ploughgates, Clien (PER) with three ploughgates, Liff (ANG) with six ploughgates, Gourdie (ANG) with ten ploughgates, Invergowrie (PER) with three ploughgates, and five mansiones domuum (tofts), one in Edinburgh, one in Stirling, one in Inverkeithing (FIF), one in Perth, and one in Aberdeen, free use of water of Tay, and cain of one ship, one half of skins from king's kitchen, and all skins of rams and lambs, and half of fat and lard, and teind of the king's bread north of Lammermuir
Firm date
1114 X July 1122
Probable date
circa 1120 × Jul/1122
Dating Notes
Foundation of Scone Priory × death of Queen Sybilla
Source for Data Entry
Scone Lib., no. 1
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Scone Lib., no. 1
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Diploma features: Invocation, use of first person, mention of anathema by bishops, mention of assent by earls, followed by 'other witnesses' generally

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