People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/38/47 (CDS, iii, no. 245)

Inquisition [in virtue of a writ dated at York on 3 February] taken at Edinburgh on 20 Feb. 1312, before the sheriff of Edinburgh, as to the value of the lands and tenements of Sir Robert of Keith, Sir Thomas de Haya, Peter de Pontekin, Edmund of Ramsey, Godfrey Broun, Geoffrey of Farsley, and Aymer of Hadden, Scottish enemies, by Sir Alexander de Seton, Nicholas de Craigton, William of Ramsey, Alan of Liberton, David of Liberton, Ralph Papedy, Patrick de Aughenoul, Thomas Waran, William Sinclair, Alexander Crabarri, Robert of Falside, William de Baillie, John Scot, and Thomas de Southehous; who found that Sir Robert of Keith, who is an enemy, and withdrew from the king’s allegiance at Christmas three years past, held the barony of Keith in Lothian, worth 100 marks in time of peace, and £40 at present; that Sir Thomas de Haya withdrew at the same time, and held in Lothian within the tenement of Heriot, Rasawe, Ladyside and Garvock (Garvald?), worth £10 in time of peace, and 40s. at present; also in Easter Fenton, £10 of land in time of peace, now 100s.; also Philipston worth £10 in time of peace, now 40s.; that Peter de Pontekin left his allegiance at Martinmas 1310, holding in the barony of Musselburgh the lands of Pontekin, worth £9 in peace, and now £9, wherein his mother’s sister (matertera) has her terce as dower. That Sir Edmund of Ramsey is an enemy for two years past, and held in Upper Lothian the land of Cockpen, worth in time of peace 23 marks, and now 10 marks; that Godfrey Broun is an enemy, and left in company of Sir Robert of Keith, and held the lands of Comber Colston, worth £20 in time of peace, and now 8 marks, wherein his mother has her terce in dower; that Geoffrey of Farsley has been an enemy for four years, and held the half of the villa of Wester Duddingston, worth in time of peace 100s, and now 5 marks, except the yearly ferme due to the abbot of Kelso; that Aymer of Hadden has been an enemy since Martinmas 1310 and then held in Uckeston 100s. of land in peace time, now worth 5 marks. They know of no other forfeitures of these persons elsewhere than in Lothian. Total value in time of peace, £150, total at present £73 13s. 4d.
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20 February 1312
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CDS, iii, no. 245
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CDS, iii, no. 245
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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Command to inquire into value of lands held by named Scots no
20 Feb. 1312 Inquest into value of lands held by named Scots yes