People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/27/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1752)

The king commands the guardians of Scotland to deliver the temporalities of the bishopric of Caithness, to Ferchard, late dean of Caithness, whose election has been confirmed by the pope, and whose fealty the king has taken. Similar writ to William, earl of Ross, guardian of the see. Memorandum, as there were certain words in the bull of confirmation as to the temporalities, which appeared prejudicial to the king’s right, the bishop on the above day at Winchester renounced the bull quoad these, and acknowledged that he held the temporalities of the king, who of his grace restored them. Safe conduct for the bishop and retinue going to his see.
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4 April 1306
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CDS, ii, no. 1752
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CDS, ii, no. 1752
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