People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/16/34 (Culross Chrs., 73-5)

Duncan, earl of Fife, son of Earl Duncan, son of Earl Colban, has given, granted and by his charter established to St Mary and St Serf of Culross and the monks there, all donations, rents, pensions, lands, possessions and liberties which Malcolm, earl of Fife, his ancestor, patron and founder of the monastery of Culross gave to them and established by his charter, for the health of the souls of King William and his predecessors, and for the health of the souls of lord Alexander, king of Scotland, and all his parents and successors, and for the health of his own soul and of his father, mother, and the souls of his predecessors and successors, the whole land of Culross and the shire with church and castle and all pertinents and the land of Cults, Inzievar, Crombie and a certain croft within the villa of Castleton (now Dunimarle) and the church of Tullibody, the land of Gogar next to the water of Bonane and 60s. from the rents of Logie-Airthrey annually, for 60 acres of the land of Gogar, taken away from the same monks by perambulation of the country made in the presence of Sir Malcolm the earl, and £33 6s. 8d. annual rent in villa of Cupar and mills of the same, according to the tenor of Earl Malcolm’s charter concerning the said sum, and £20 annually from North Berwick priory and £10 from Earl’s ferry annually. To be held of him and his heirs, in free, pure and perpetual alms. He also wills and grants, for the health of the soul and prosperity of his lord, Robert, king of Scotland, and all his relations and successors, and for the health of the souls of his father, mother, predecessors and successors, that the monks may enjoy and possess all their lands, etc., as they were enjoyed and possessed before the war, notwithstanding the loss of their charters. Warrandice.
Firm date
1 March 1313 X 1320
Dating Notes
Last attestation of Hugh, abbot of Dunfermline, predecessor of Robert × ??
Source for Data Entry
Douglas, William, ‘Culross Abbey and its Charters, with notes on a fifteenth-century manuscript’, PSAS 60 (1925- 26), 73-75.
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Culross Chrs., 73-5
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Entered from an English summary

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