People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/50/0 (Records of May, App. no. I)

Brother John de Sutton, monk of Reading, and Mr Hugh de Stanforth, clerk, claiming themselves to be procurators and attorneys of William abbot of Reading, produce a certain deed of procuration. And moreover they produced a certain petition of the priory of May, which very petition is attached to this roll. And afterwards, at the end of parliament, the same procurators and attorneys were asked if they were prepared to pay the lord bishop of St Andrews the 1,100 merks sterling which the same bishop had paid to Robert lately abbot of Reading and his procurators and attorneys. They said that they were not sent to this place for making any payment to the same bishop of any sum of money, nor were they willing to bind themselves to do so, and they asked the lord king that their petition might remain in the same standing as it now is until the next parliament, as in the meantime they may be able to consult the abbot of Reading and the lord king of England, and although they might not be able to come to the next parliament, that they should not be prosecuted because of this until another subsequent parliament.
Firm date
10 February 1293
Dating Notes
10 Feb. 1293
Source for Data Entry
Records of the priory of the Isle of May, ed. John Stuart. 1868. Appendix to Preface, no. 1
Trad. ID
Records of May, App. no. I
Calendar number
Charter type
Parliamentary record (Scotland)

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Concession of 1,100 marks no
10 Feb. 1293 Petition made in parliament relating to May Priory yes
10 Feb. 1293 *Statment that the procurators were not bound to pay money to bishop of St Andrews and need to consult king and abbot yes