People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/90/9 (NRS, GD 93/1)

Elizabeth Bisset, widow of the late Lord Andrew del Bois, in her full authority and lawful widowhood, has given, granted and by this her present charter established to Lord William, earl of Ross, all the barony of Edirdouer (Redcastle, ROS), namely, the castle with the davoch called ‘Glastulach’, another davoch called ‘Davachnakaryn’, a third davoch called ‘Cultynturch’, a fourth davoch called ‘Cuulcolli’ (now Kilcoy, Killearnan parish, ROS), a half davoch called ‘Lethdavachfur’, and three quarters of a davoch called ‘Gargyishille’, in woods, etc., including birds’ nests, and also with the patronage of the house of the hospital of ‘Edirdouer’, and the renders belonging to that house, in exchange for three davochs of land in Ross, namely, the davoch called ‘Ardtarbard’, another davoch called Tarbat (ROS), and a half davoch called Bindal (ROS) in the same holding of Tarbat, and a half davoch called ‘Estirmuirathy’, which three davochs Lord William the earl gave, granted and established by his charter to her, as attested in her charter. Having and holding the aforesaid barony of ‘Edirdouer’ in chief feu and heritage of the lord king of Scotland, as freely as any baron in the kingdom of Scotland north of the Mounth. The seals of Lords William of Fenton, William de la Haye and the prior of Beauly as well as Elizabeth’s own seal, are attached.
Firm date
1299 X 1311
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NRS, GD 93/1; calendared in Munro of Foulis, no. 1
Trad. ID
NRS, GD 93/1
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NRS, GD 93/1

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