People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/37/11 (Dunf. Reg., no. 590; PNF, ii, 469-70)

A court of the justiciar of Fife [held] at Largo Law (FIF) on Tuesday on the feast of St Dunstan, 1306, concerning the making and perambulating of the right bounds and marches between the land of Newburn (FIF) of the abbot and convent of Dunfermline, which they held from the lord king in chief within the sheriffdom on the one hand, and the land of Largo, which belongs to Sir Duncan, earl of Fife, which he holds from the lord king within the same sheriffdom on the other hand; requested by the said lord abbot of Dunfermline to carry out this perambulation according to the tenor [...] by perambulation, the following were sworn in, viz.: Sir [...], Sir W[illiam] of Lundin, Sir W[illiam] of Cambo, Andrew de Valence, J[ohn] Moneypenny, Roger [...] Lochore, Alexander Wingate, J[ohn] of Kinghorn, J[ohn]of Hay of Naughton, Philip of [...], W[illiam] of Randerston, J[ohn] of fforc (Forthar?) [...], J[ohn] of Kinloch, Adam of Kinninmonth, J[ohn] of [...], etc. Here following the record of perambulation. In the presence of all the above-mentioned witnesses, the seal of Sir David Muschet, then justiciar of Fife is attached. (damaged)
Firm date
19 May 1306
Dating Notes
on the Tuesday on the feast of St Dunstan [in the year] 1306
Source for Data Entry
Place-Names of Fife, ii, 469-70
Trad. ID
Dunf. Reg., no. 590; PNF, ii, 469-70
Calendar number
Charter type
Public Instrument

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
19 May 1306 Recognition of perambulation of bounds Melgum (FIF) yes