People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/33/25 (Glas. Reg., no. 246)

Robert, bishop of Glasgow, states that since formerly a great controversy had existed between the lrod Robert, treasurer and sacrist of the church of Glasgow on the one hand, and the lord Alan, perpetual vicar of the church on the other, concerning certain oblations and offerings which each party were saying pertained to them, for the good of peace, they yielded to the bishop’s ordination, obliging by faith and a corporal oath, and faithfully promising that they will accept and perpetually observe the bishop’s ordination concerning the oblations and offerings for the time of the life of the aforesaid sacrist, and that they will not come against it at any time. By the consent of both parties, and by the consent and council of his chapter of Glasgow, the bishop ordained the following: that the treasurer, by reason of the office of sacrist, will receive the money, wax, oblations, oblations of candles on the day of the purification of the blessed virgin and the candles or lights of the deceased. And the lord Alan, the perpetual vicar, will receive, by the name of the vicarage, all the other oblations and other small things belonging to the vicarage of the church.
Firm date
Thursday 23 April 1293
Dating Notes
on the Thursday nearest before the feast of St Mark, the Evangelist, in the year of grace 1293
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Glasgow Registrum, no. 246
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Glas. Reg., no. 246
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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
Thursday 23 Apr. 1293 Agreement over oblations and obventions of Glasgow (LAN) yes
Thursday 23 Apr. 1293 *Concession of money, wax, oblations, oblations of candles of Glasgow Cathedral (LAN) yes
Thursday 23 Apr. 1293 *Concession of other oblations and other small things of Glasgow Cathedral (LAN) yes