People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/34/8 (N.B. Chrs., no. 23)

The settlement of a disagreement between the prioress and nuns of Northberwick, the plaintiff, on the one hand, and David the tailor, burgess of Southberwick, the defendant, on the other, in the presence of the officials of William, bishop of St Andrews, concerning an annual render of one mark owed to the prioress and nuns from a certain land lying in the villa of Southberwick (BWK), on the northern part of the cemetery of the church of St Nicholas, [which was arrived at] by the intervention of common friends between the parties. David recognized that he is responsible to the prioress and nuns for the annual render of one mark from the land, and he promised to render it to the monastery of North Berwick as a charter belonging to the nuns which relates to the annual render fully carries in it. Additionally, he promises and obligates himself to render four marks of sterling for the arrears of the annual pension during the feast of the circumcision of the lord nearest following, without quibbling, evil trick or postponement.
Firm date
4 December 1287
Dating Notes
fourth day of the month of December in the year of grace 1287
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North Berwick Charters, no. 23
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N.B. Chrs., no. 23
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Public Instrument
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NAS, GD 45/13/287

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