People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/20/62 (Newb. Reg., no. 174)

An agreement is made between Sir William Lindsay, son of the late Sir David Lindsay, and John, abbot of Newbattle, and the convent, viz.: that Sir William gave and granted and by this present charter established to Newbattle Abbey twenty pounds sterling of that annual render which Sir Colin Campbell, son of the late Sir Gillespic Campbell, and his heirs and assignees, by his charter, firmly are being held bound to render annually to Sir William and his heirs or assignees, or the attorneys of the assignees, in the monastery of Newbattle on the day of St Andrew, the apostle, by reason of an agreement entered into between Sir William and Sir Colin concerning the land of Symington in Kyle (AYR), which twenty pounds of the annual render the abbot and convent and their successors will accept annually from Sir Colin Campbell and his heirs or his assignees, by the charter of Sir William assigned in the monastery of Newbattle on the day of St Andrew the apostle in perpetuity, [and] it is to be distributed for the use of the monks of the monastery and for the perpetual alms of all the poor of Christ, for the salvation of his soul and lady Alice, his spouse, and for the soul of Sir David Lindsay, his father, and especially for the soul of Lady Margaret Lindsay, his mother, and all his ancestors and successors, and all the deceased faithful, viz.: that the Abbot and convent and their successors will release annually, on the day of Saint Andrew the apostle, from the payment of the said twenty pounds, 104 shillings of good sterling to the convent of Newbattle [itself] for pittances and the convent may be able to have every day of Saturday per year, two shillings of sterling to buy for themselves luxurious food, with salted fish for their refreshment, which food is to be distributed in the convent according to the will of the prior. And the abbot and convent and their successors will manage to get 144 pairs of good and bountiful conventual shoes, and two painted or leather [shoes?] with each pair for the distribution to the poor that appear on the day of souls at Haddington, for which four pounds eighteen shillings and seven pennies will be allocated to the abbot and convent and their successors from the twenty pounds. And additionally, they will distribute thirteen to the poor, [and] greatly indigent, fifty-two measures of cloth, thus that each may have four measures for a shirt on the aforesaid day and place, for which thirty-two shillings and eight pennies will be allocated. And they will provide on the same day distribution to 1300 paupers one shilling each from the six pound and ten shillings. And the distributors of the said money they may have on that day fifteen shillings for their labour and expenses, and they will feed on the day of the anniversary of Lady Margaret Lindsay, mother of Sir William, from one mark of the twenty pounds, if the brothers should solemnly celebrate for her soul on that day. Otherwise, the said mark should be distributed to other paupers, and on the same day they will feed the Carmelite friars of Luffness with a half mark, if they should solemnly celebrate on that day for the soul of Margaret. And they will additionally render a half mark for the lights of blessed Mary of the church of Saint Giles of Ormiston in the vigil of the purification of the blessed Mary, and thirteen pennies to light one of the lamps in the infirmary of the poor of Newton from the remainder of the twenty pounds. Penalties are stipulated if William or his heirs, etc. fail to comply with the aforesaid.
Firm date
30 November 1293
Dating Notes
year of grace 1293 at the feast of St Andrew, the apostle
Source for Data Entry
Newbattle Registrum, no. 174
Trad. ID
Newb. Reg., no. 174
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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Agreement between William Lindsay and Colin Campbell concerning Symington in Kyle (AYR) no
30 Nov. 1293 * Gift (agreement) of £20 yes
30 Nov. 1293 Agreement between William Lindsay and John, abbot of Newbattle yes