People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/331/1 (Maddan, 1898, no. 4)

Adam of Lamberton has given and granted and made firm by this his charter to Geoffrey of Haswell, his nepos, the whole third part of the whole of his land of Lamberton in meadows and pastures and everything else that rightly belongs to it within and without; to Geoffrey and his heirs to be held of Adam and his heirs in feu and heritage, as freely and quietly, fully and with honour as Adam holds his other land in Lamberton of the prior of Coldingham; paying for it annually to Adam and his heirs 1 lb of pepper at Pentecost, and performing thereupon the forinsec service that pertains to it to the lord king, and to the prior of Coldingham the service that pertains to that land; Geoffrey and his heirs shall give to Adam and his heirs for their fine 12d, and for their merchet 12d; the heirs of Geoffrey shall give for the relief of their land half a mark of silver; Adam shall have outside the partition of his land two ploughshares of 15 acres in return for the third part of which he has given and granted to Geoffrey and his heirs six acres on the hillside towards the south.
Firm date
1190 X 1203
Probable date
circa 1195 ×
Dating Notes
perhaps 1199 ×; Walter (of St Albans) as a royal chaplain × election of Richard de la provende as bishop of Dunkeld; see comment on Ralph the archdeacon.
Source for Data Entry
William Maddan, ‘John de Raynton, first of Lamberton’, History of the Berwickshire Naturalists’ Club, XVI, Pt. III (1898), 317-36, Appendix, no. IV (with translation and facsimile)
Trad. ID
Maddan, 1898, no. 4
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
Location uncertain.

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1190 X 1203 Land in Lamberton (BWK) held of the prior of Coldingham Adam of Lamberton (12C) Priors of Coldingham