People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/547/23 (Lennox, no. 2)

Alan son of Walter, steward of the king of Scotland, has given and granted and made firm by this his present charter to Robert Crock, the land of Kilbride (in Neilston parish, RNF) with waste, for a land of 100s. which he owed to Robert, by stated bounds, which his father perambulated, as far as the bounds of Mearns [parish, RNF], in the valley towards his forest, which extends to the east, as far as the bounds of Mearns, following the bounds of Mearns around Long Loch, until the bounds of Cunningham (AYR), by the mountain on top of which stands a stone, crosswise, until the torrent that is next to the small loch, as it flows to the west ‘Delswinschan’, and as that torrent falls into that torrent which flows into Long Loch, and afterwards, as that torrent falls next to Drumgrain, as far as ‘Laueran’. He wills and grants that Robert shall hold and possess that land by the aforenamed bounds, free and quit, making for that land and feu, the service of one knight; moreover, he has assigned to Robert, his heirs and his men of ‘Cuglin’, pasture in his forest, by stated bounds.
Firm date
1177 X 1204
Dating Notes
Succession × death of Alan son of Walter.
Source for Data Entry
Fraser, Lennox, ii, no. 2
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Lennox, no. 2
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