People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/416/19 (APS, i, 94)

Richard de Moreville, constable of the king of Scots, has given and granted to Henry de St Clare and has by this his charter established, Herdmanston (ELO) with all the land that Richard the chamberlain held of Hugh his father and of him, except a half ploughgate of land which he holds in his own hand, and with the aforesaid land he gives him in augmentation, the land lying next to the ‘pomerium’, between ‘Calkesburne’ and ‘Wacellum’ which is on the west side of ‘Berkerie’, in feu and heritage, by the same bounds by which Richard the chamberlain held them, making the service of a quarter part of a knight to himself and his heirs after him.
Firm date
1162 X 1190
Dating Notes
Death of Hugh de Moreville × death of Richard de Moreville
Source for Data Entry
APS, i, 94 (red), 84 (black) (plate at p. 102)
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APS, i, 94
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