People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/5/14 (RRS, i, no. 120)

King Malcolm has given, and by this charter established the gift which King david gave to Matthew, archdeacon of St Andrews, in the apdaine of Rossie, to be held of King Malcolm in feu and heritage; he also grants the donation of Bishop Robert in the same apdaine; Kinninmonth with the toft in Kilrymont, as given by the bishop, and the prior of St Andrews; also 'Kinkellet' and Innergellie as the charter of Bishop Robert gave and granted it; finally he grants the parish church of St Andrews in so far as it pertains to the royal dignity.
Firm date
24 May 1153 X 1159
Probable date
poss. × 8 Apr. 1156
Dating Notes
Death of King David I × promotion of Nicholas the clerk; poss. × death of Walter of Ryedale, if at same time as _RRS_, i, no. 121.
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RRS, i, no. 120
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RRS, i, no. 120
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