People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/398/2 (Inchaff. Chrs., no. 63)

Duncan of Melginch, notes that there was a summons from the abbot and convent of Inchaffray Abbey, on the authority of the papal judges delegate, the lord abbot of Arbroath and the prior of May, and that by a certain charter of his father, the abbot and convent [of Inchaffray] had claimed for themselves half of all the land of ‘Drumkroc’ in the parish of Melginch (PER). Understanding the truth of things, having God before his eyes, and not wanting to cause addition work or unjust expense, he has quitclaimed absolutely and of his own will, in perpetuity any right that he may have in the said land to the abbot and convent [of Inchaffray] in the redemption of his soul and those of his wife and children and others of his family, in pure and perpetual alms, has given and established by this his present charter.
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29 September 1237
Dating Notes
This was on the feast of St Michael, one of Scone’s patron saints, AD 1237
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Inchaffray Charters, no. 63
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Inchaff. Chrs., no. 63
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See also Ferguson, Medieval Papal Reps., App. 1, no. 100; Cooper, Select Cases, no. 33.

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