People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/417/3 (St A. Lib., 265-6)

Hugh de Mortimer has granted and established by this his charter to St Andrews Priory the chapel of Fowlis [Easter] (ANG) with the land belonging to it, which was granted by his grandfather William Maule, with ten acres that he gave to that chapel, and with teinds, and oblations and with everything else pertaining to the chapel, in perpetual alms, free and quit from all secular service, exaction, and reclamation by his heirs. He has also granted to the canons the teinds of his mill and common pasture according to the easements of his feu of Fowlis, namely, for 8 oxen and ten cows, three horses and 100 sheep, as contained in the charter of the aforesaid William.
Firm date
circa 1225 X 8 October 1235
Probable date
perhaps late 1220s
Dating Notes
David of Bernham’s time in the _familia_ of Bishop William Malveisin × first definite attestation of David of Bernham as chamberlain; Master Adam Ovid may argue for early end of this range. See Watt, _Graduates_, 41, 436.
Source for Data Entry
St Andrews Liber, 265-6
Trad. ID
St A. Lib., 265-6
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NLS Adv. MS 15.1.18, no. 42
Document Image
See the Models of Authority website for an image of this charter with transcription, translation, etc.

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Date Short Summary Subject Object
circa 1225 X 8 Oct. 1235 Grandfather of Hugh de Mortimer (Familial relationship) William Maule (12C) Hugh de Mortimer (fl.1225-35)

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
circa 1225 X 8 Oct. 1235 Mill of Fowlis Easter Hugh de Mortimer (fl.1225-35)
circa 1225 X 8 Oct. 1235 Fowlis Easter (ANG) William Maule (12C)