People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/598/1 (Pais. Reg., 189-90)

John, lord of Wardrobe, Bernard of Airth and Norin of Monorgan, note that the court case between themselves and their spouses, Mary, Helen and Forbflaith, on one side, and the abbot and convent of Paisley on the other, which took place in the court of Malcolm, earl of Lennox, over the lands of Cochno (DNB), Faifley (DNB), Edinbarnet (DNB), ‘Backan’ (?DNB), and ‘Druncreue’ (DNB), it was settled thus: they have renounced all litigation for 140 marks which the abbot and convent have paid to them for the good of peace, at the following times: £20 within the octaves of St Martin, 1270, 55 marks within the fair of Glasgow, 1271, and 55 marks within the octaves of St Martin of the same year. Before the first payment is made, in the court of the said earl of Lennox, they shall renounce all rights to the said lands and quitclaim them to the said abbot and convent.
Firm date
Sunday 12 October 1270
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Sunday after the feast of St Denis, 1270
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Paisley Registrum, 189-90
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Pais. Reg., 189-90
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