People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/6/429 (RRS, ii, no. 462)

King William has built a burgh at his new castle upon Ayr, and has granted that all his burgesses dwelling within burgh shall have all liberties and free customs; has established a market day every Saturday and has granted that burgesses coming to dwell at Ayr shall be free of toll and other customs. He also has granted five pennylands belonging to villa of Ayr. Each burgess residing in his burgh shall have, with a full toft, six acres cleared from woodland of five pennylands; commands that merchants shall have his firm peace and commands that toll and custom due to burgh shall be given and received at Maich [Water], 'Karnebuth' (Cairn?, RNF), Loudoun (AYR), Corsencon (AYR) and Laight (WIG). No toll or custom belonging to the burgh is to be taken outwith these marches.
Firm date
21 May, 1203 X 1207
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21st day of May; election × resignation of Florence as bishop-elect of Glasgow; probable date based on Florence's time in Scotland. See _RRS_, ii, 424
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RRS, ii, no. 462
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RRS, ii, no. 462
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