People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/350/21 (Newb. Reg., no. 143)

Gerard of Lindsey son of David (I) of Lindsey has granted and by this his charter established to Newbattle Abbey the donation of all those lands which William of Lindsey his grandfather gave them in pure and perpetual alms in the territory of Crawford (LAN) and also the donation that his brother David (II) of Lindsey made to the same monks of ‘Brothiralewyn’ (LAN) and of Glencaple (LAN) and of Glengonner (LAN), by their right bounds, and with all their just pertinents, as attested by the charters of the aforementioned donors.
Firm date
25 June 1240 X 1242
Dating Notes
Death of David II of Lindsey × death of Walter Olifard II, justiciar of Lothian. David II of Lindsey was still alive on 25 June 1240 (_CDS_ i, nos. 1497, 1515) and dead by April 1241. King Henry III took the homage of Gerard on 16 May, 1241 and commanded the sheriff of Oxford to give him sasine of his (English) lands on 25 May, 1241. See _CDS_ i, nos. 1532, 1533.
Source for Data Entry
Newbattle Registrum, no. 143
Trad. ID
Newb. Reg., no. 143
Calendar number
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Date Short Summary Title Holder
25 Jun. 1240 X 1242 Dominus (Lord/Sir) Walter Oliphant, justiciar of Lothian (son of Walter) (d.1242)
25 Jun. 1240 X 1242 justiciar of Lothian Walter Oliphant, justiciar of Lothian (son of Walter) (d.1242)