People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/497/2 (ND, App., no. 171)

Edward of Restalrig has given and granted and made firm by the present charter to St Mary and St Ebbe and Herbert the prior and the monks of Coldingham two tofts in Eyemouth (BWK) and one toft in his land at Leith (MLO) in free and perpetual alms to be held in perpetuity of him and his heirs with 3 fathoms of silken lace to be rendered to him and his heirs annually at Pentecost for a recognition; the said monks to have and possess the said tofts free and quit from all other service and custom and exaction.
Firm date
1165 X 16 January 1188
Probable date
mid 1170s
Dating Notes
Herbert, prior of Coldingham
Source for Data Entry
Raine, North Durham, App., no. 171
Trad. ID
ND, App., no. 171
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
DCM, Misc. Ch., no. 725
Document Image
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Date Short Summary Title Holder
1165 X 16 Jan. 1188 prior of Coldingham Herbert, prior of Coldingham (fl.1172×74-75)
1165 X 16 Jan. 1188 chaplain Romfari, priest
1165 X 16 Jan. 1188 chaplain Hervey, chaplain of Berwick
1165 X 16 Jan. 1188 priest Gilbert, priest (Coldingham)