People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/369/3 (Camb. Reg., no. 36)

Walter, son of Philip of Lundin has given, granted and by this his charter established to Cambuskenneth Abbey, four oxgangs of land with a full toft in the villa of Balcormo (FIF), and common pasture of all his land, whoever may hold it of him, wherever the animals of himself or of his men are pastured, namely, 500 sheep and 20 cows, and one plough-ox and horse, and quit of his own demesne multure, and three acres of meadow, as he has perambulated it, in perpetual alms.
Firm date
1178 X 19 August 1179
Probable date
prob. 13 May ×
Dating Notes
Foundation of Arbroath Abbey × death of Abbot Reginald of Arbroath.
Source for Data Entry
Cambuskenneth Registrum, no. 36
Trad. ID
Camb. Reg., no. 36
Calendar number
Charter type
Confirmed by King William, 1189×95 (RRS ii, no. 373).

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
1178 X 19 Aug. 1179 abbot of Kelso John, abbot of Kelso (d.1180)
1178 X 19 Aug. 1179 abbot of Arbroath Reginald, abbot of Arbroath (d.1179)
1178 X 19 Aug. 1179 earl Duncan (II), earl of Fife (d.1204)
1178 X 19 Aug. 1179 clerk Michael, clerk (St Andrews)
1178 X 19 Aug. 1179 priest Ralph, priest (12C)