People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/371/4 (Newb. Reg., no. 14)

Robert son of David, for the welfare of his lord, King William, and for the souls of King David and King Malcolm of pious memory, and of others, in pure and perpetual alms, has given and by this his charter granted and established, to Newbattle Abbey, the peatary of Loquhariot (MLO) which is called ‘Wluestrother’ which his father gave and that whole land which lies between the peatary and the bounds of Newbattle (Abbey’s lands), for an annual render of one pound of pepper at the feast of St Michael. He also grants them and establishes in his land towards Loquhariot sufficient space to dry the peat and freedom of entrance and exit to carry the peat. Moreover, for the greater certainty and security of the aforesaid donation, he has constructed an embankment (fossatam) between himself and for boundaries to be made and stones to be erected.
Firm date
1189 X 1212
Probable date
perhaps × 1199
Dating Notes
This charter is dated mainly on the ground of Henry of Braid, sheriff of Edinburgh. This seems to come after Henry of Graham’s tenure as sheriff, which was sometime around 1189×95, and Henry witnesses this charter. Henry of Braid also witnesses a charter dating to 1199×1212 (_Holyrood Liber_, no. 33, which is dated based on John of Leicester as archdeacon of Lothian). The charter is also witnessed by Master Stephen, _persona_ of Borthwick, who witnessed many charters between 1200 and about 1220. For reasons unknown, Watt dates this charter 1165 × 1199 (_Graduates_, 342). This charter must have come after the royal confirmation of David of Lyne’s grant (_RRS_ ii, no. 191).
Source for Data Entry
Newbattle Registrum, no. 14
Trad. ID
Newb. Reg., no. 14
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