People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/214/1 (NRS, RH 1/2/58)

John of Erskine, knight; has given, granted and by this his present charter established to John his younger son whom he procreated from Eva daughter of ‘Gilronane’, all his land on the south side of the water of Gogo (in Largs parish, AYR) for his homage, by its bounds beginning at the sea and descending along the Water of Gogo as far as the Water of ‘Ry’, and following the Water of ‘Ry’ as far as the ‘torrent’ called ‘Dabburn’, and thus across by its right bounds, until the ‘torrent’ called Kelburn and as that descends into the sea, saving to John his son and heir that land which he gave him, with pasture and all other common easements, including the north side of the Gogo and up to the bounds of the common pasture of Robert called Boyd, with free entry and exit with their men in his mills of Largs (AYR), to grind their corn without multure; and free entry and exit in the sea port on both sides of the Gogo with their vessels and resting place (?); (holding) free and quit of John and his heirs by John (junior) and his heirs procreated of Isabella daughter of Robert de Ros, rendering annually at the Glasgow fair one pair of gilt spurs or 2d. in the name of free ferme.
Firm date
1260 X 1309
Dating Notes
as dated by NRS catalogue
Source for Data Entry
NRS, RH 1/2/58
Trad. ID
NRS, RH 1/2/58
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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1260 X 1309 Lands south of water of Gogo (AYR) and mills of Largs (AYR) John Erskine (I), knight
1260 X 1309 Common pasture of Robert Boyd (AYR) Robert Boyd, knight