People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/466/1 (Barrow, E. Fife Docs., no. 8)

Walter de Pershay, son and heir of Lady Joanna of Wilton, has given, granted, and by this his present charter established, to Thomas Wallace for his homage and service, all his land of Nether Tarvit (FIF) and all his part of his land of Gladney (FIF) and 2s. from Balass (FIF), received annually from those 30d. which Gilbert of Balass owes him every year; having and holding for an annual render of 3d. at Pentecost, for all service, custom, exaction and demand, saving to himself ward and relief, the render to the lord bishop of St Andrews of 11s. from the land of Nether Tarvit, and 15s. from the land of Gladney, and making forinsec service of the lord king, and suit at the court of the lord bishop of St Andrews for his part of the land of Gladney, although Thomas will be quit of suit at Walter’s court.
Firm date
September 1289 X
Probable date
perhaps circa 1280
Dating Notes
Barrow suggests ca. 1280? in ‘East Fife Docs.’, 35.
Source for Data Entry
Barrow, ‘East Fife Docs.’, no. 8
Trad. ID
Barrow, E. Fife Docs., no. 8
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NAS, GD 82/2 Barrow, Anglo-Norman Era, App. B, 189-90. Walter de Percehay was executed by Andrew of Moray of Petty shortly after his part in the murder of the murder of the young Earl Duncan (III) of Fife in September 1289.

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
Sept. 1289 X bishop of St Andrews Unknown, bishop of St Andrews (13C/14C)
Sept. 1289 X Dominus (Lord/Sir) Nicholas Hay (I), lord of Errol (son of Gilbert) (d.1305/6)
Sept. 1289 X Domina (Lady) Joan of Wilton

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
Sept. 1289 X Nether Tarvit (FIF) and Gladney (FIF) Walter de Pershay (d.1289)
Sept. 1289 X Part of Gladney (FIF) Unknown, bishop of St Andrews (13C/14C)